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Virtual DBS Introduces Data Driven Display Marketing Services

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Updated 12:14 PM CST, Tue, November 20,2018

Virtual DBS display marketing services now included database advertising which increases targeting options for small businesses.

North Kingstown, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2018 -- Virtual DBS, the agency that specializes in display marketing services, will now be utilizing data for their display advertising campaigns. For years, the agency has utilized banner ads as a way to introduce brands, products and promotions to millions of consumers. These ads can be seen throughout the internet and are located on thousands of websites. Now, utilizing a database of over 280 permission-based records which includes email, postal and phone, clients will be able to send ads via social media, display and email to the same recipient or audience type.

"Imagine being able to send an email to someone who matches your criteria for an ideal consumer. Then, as they browse the web looking for something, they see your ad again, this time through our banner advertising services. Finally, they go onto their Facebook account and there you are again, right in their newsfeed. It will be hard for them to ignore you as they keep seeing you everywhere, they go. Remember, when they are on their phones or computers, these are the devices they are giving their undivided attention to, not the television or radio. These ads are cost-effective and get you in front of the right audience at a fraction of the price of other channels. They also include high-quality targeting and the ability to retarget, meaning they will see your ads even more, the more they engage your content." Virtual DBS Representative

Display marketing services have been in high demand ever since they became more affordable for small businesses. These companies can run their banners on thousands of websites and target consumers based on their age, geo, gender, interest and more. These banner advertising services are great for quick introductions and traffic, however, when combined with social media and email, they create a strong web presence that establishes the brand as an authority in their industry.

"There is no such thing as running a single ad and seeing a return. It doesn't matter how strong your display advertising campaigns are. You have to reach the consumer multiple times, again and again, on multiple platforms. The more times you reach them the better. That's how the biggest corporations in the world do it and that's why they still spend millions of dollars a year in marketing. If a world-known brand knows that it's important to keep pushing their name out there, then you should too."

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