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Unheard, Critical Voices in Sexual Harassment Speak Out

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Updated 11:01 AM CST, Mon, January 08,2018

The human resources community take a moment to discuss their role in the sexual harassment dilemma

Villa Rica, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2018 -- With the avalanche of sexual harassment incidents becoming public, many have added their voices. One voice, not actively heard up until this point has been the human resource community. "They have been referenced in some reporting, but rarely included in any media discussions that I've seen," suggests JoAnn Corley, Founder of The Human Sphere, an Atlanta based human resource, management consulting firm. "It's way past time for our community to add their views, experiences, and voice to this discussion. If our collective workplace landscape is going to make meaningful progress, we must be included."

With that in mind, on Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018, 12:30 et there will be a live webcast conducted by a group of experts to facilitate an honest discussion about the experience of the HR community surrounding this topic.

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The panel will include Kate Bischoff an HR legal expert, Suzi Benoit, a seasoned behavior and workplace bullying expert and JoAnn Corley, the leading expert in helping companies create sustained growth by improving The Human Quotient of its leaders and culture. There will also be additional legal and behavior guest experts, to enhance the discussion.

With the rise of the #METoo movement and now most recently Hollywood's #Timesup initiated at the Golden Globes, there seems to be a concerted public commitment to initiating change. Since the human resource community is involved in all elements of employment, it only makes sense that this community is actively included in all discussions to achieve a full view of the challenges associated with the full range of harassment and to help craft and implement practical solutions.

Additionally, with increased public awareness of sexual harassment has come increased confusion. Very few business owners, and even some HR professionals, thoroughly understanding the range of issues surrounding harassment, which can begin with something as simple as an unwanted advance to criminal assault -- with a lot in between.

"Though all these incidents have been incredibly unfortunate," JoAnn Corley states, "It presents an opportunity we must seize to mend a broken system. Or perhaps install something new altogether. For that to be successful, the HR community must be involved.

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