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THiNKTANK Offering SEO Marketing for Law Firms

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Updated 10:12 AM CST, Wed, December 04,2019

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2019 -- THiNKTANK Ad Agency is offering SEO marketing for law firms that will help generate consistent, quality lead flow for law firms. Its marketing team consists of members experienced in working with SEO for law firms specifically and seasoned lawyers who know what kind of leads a law firm desires the most. Combined with the company's marketing gurus and experts of law, THiNKTANK has established itself as an outstanding agency for law firms.

SEO marketing has become a crucial part of law firms for climbing the ranks in search engines and generating quality lead flow. Consumers typically find what they are looking for in the first 2 pages of the search results page. If a law firm is not showing up on those pages, chances are that that law firm won't be getting any organic leads.

Chuck Panzarella, the co-founder of THiNKTANK and a lawyer himself, had some insight on this subject. He said, "If your site does not immediately address the consumer's problems and how your firm can solve the problems for them, odds are that they have already left and moved on to the next site. You only have a couple of seconds to make a good impression. Make them count."

With more people using Google and lawyers recognizing the value of SEO, the battle for the spot on the first page has become fierce. Strategies that have worked before may not necessarily produce the same result today. Trying to rank keywords by stuffing them in headings without creating coherent content that is useful for the audience won't work. Google is designed to be useful for the users, so anything that looks like a cheap trick to boost rankings will be flagged.

As a law firm, visibility is key for generating potential clients. If a law firm is not showing up on the first few pages, it will not be getting any clicks from prospects. SEO marketing is what allows websites to move up on the visibility level so that they can capture as many prospects as they can organically. The marketing team at THiNKTANK understands the importance of SEO for law firms and is ready to deliver. Its team offers free site audit for law firms to demonstrate how SEO will be applied to their websites.

THiNKTANK is a full digital marketing agency located in Los Angeles, California with a team of SEO, paid search, social media, content writing, graphic design, and web design experts. They specialize in creating new websites, improving SEO traffic, setting up & improving paid ads for business owners. Their mission is to help business owners grow their online presence and acquire new traffic at the lowest cost.

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