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The Radio Agency Explains the Spread of Traditional Radio to Four Modern Platforms in Latest Article

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Updated 12:59 PM CST, Wed, November 21,2018

Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2018 -- One of the premier radio marketing agencies in America, The Radio Agency, regularly keeps its website visitors informed on the latest trends and developments in the industry through its online blog. This month, after conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham announced the end of her daily three-hour national radio show, it illuminated a larger listenership shift from traditional radio to podcasts, satellite and streaming channels. In its latest article, The Radio Agency discusses this shift and the radio commercial advertising opportunities that have resulted from this change.

In the post, "Ingraham's Departure from AM/FM Shows Radio's Strength," Mark Lipsky, CEO and Creative Director of The Radio Agency, discusses what Ingraham's departure from traditional AM/FM radio means for the state of radio in 2018 and beyond. While one might believe this is a sign that radio is not as popular or profitable as it used to be, the opposite is true. Ingraham's transition into the world of podcasts is an indication of the strength and innovation of all forms of radio and its utilization of streaming channels.

As the article points out, 92% of Americans still listen to AM/FM radio each week. It also explains how the rise of podcasts is helping traditional radio companies expand their reach and delivery, as the two leading producers of podcast content are NPR and iHeartRadio. Not only do these additional radio channels allow for more advertising opportunities, they also segment audiences to enable advertisers to target more specific demographics.

In October 2018, an astounding688 million unique downloads and streams of podcasts were recorded. And with traditional radio listening numbers holding strong, the value of radio is only increasing as more channels generate more listening hours and more niche audiences of listeners to target.

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