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The Late Comer of Block Chain-QCS Chain Is Catching Up with the Development and Reshaping the Industry

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Updated 9:15 PM CDT, Tue, July 03,2018

Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2018 -- Beijing Zhao Hua is a cultural communication company whose mission is to assist organizations and companies with their brand strategies and public relation implementation. The company provides professional services , such as promotion strategy, event planning, E-marketing and new media marketing.

In 2018, as blockchain technology entered a new era of 3.0, major industries have joined the blockchain to implement the application of landing. But the blockchain business is still high. The value of resources and value-added space is limited . There is a serious shortage of transaction processing capacity and a series of issues to be solved. In the current public-chain scheme, either the performance cannot meet the needs of large-scale, high-throughput applications, or the contradiction between decentralized ideas and traditional business logic has not yet been truly resolved. Among them, QCS CHAIN emerged as a new force and took the lead in breaking the technological bottleneck and opening a new chapter in the commercial blockchain operating system.

Focus on the development of the underlying public-chain technology is the king. According to the white paper, QCS CHAIN is a high-performance, highly stable, scalable, low-level public-chain technology platform that can be used commercially on a large scale. It supports Baiyin Baiye to quickly build large-scale applications.

Anndrego, the initiator of the QCS CHAIN project, said: "Focus on bottom-line public-private technology research and development is our first priority. Because it lacks of strong underlying infrastructure support, the beautiful scenes depicted in various ICO white papers will be castles in the air. The QCS CHAIN team is based on technology. We are striving forward and focusing on the research and development of the bottom-level public-chain technology. We hope to contribute to the development of the bottom-level public-chain technology and create a safe bottom-level public chain that can truly meet the needs of large-scale, high-throughput applications."

It is reported that QCS CHAIN has proposed a series of solutions to the problems existing in existing blockchain technologies, such as transaction congestion, high transaction costs, and long transaction confirmation time. It has made many technological innovations and key technical features include free packaging, multi-chain parallelism, flexible cross-chain mechanism, decentralized large storage, sandbox mechanism, etc. In addition, QCS CHAIN also solved the problem of balance between data transparency and commercial confidentiality through data isolation and cross-link auditing. It is not difficult to see that the technical innovation of QCS lays a solid foundation for the application of blockchain technology.

According to QCS CHAIN project CTO ignore explained: Compared QCS CHAIN project in commercial applications with the traditional blockchain technology that has the characteristics of supporting massive concurrent and advanced declarative smart contracts, QCS CHAIN greatly reduces the difficulty of the development of decentralized applications. With technology thresholds, whether for enterprise applications or consumer applications, QCS CHAIN can provide excellent support for next-generation blockchain applications that require high frequency transactions, cross-platform, and contracted applications.

QCS puts on the market landing application to truly enable the entity.The blockchain ultimately needs to be landed to realize its true value. QCS CHAIN supports DAPP access in different industries (such as finance, food, automobiles, internet of things, etc.).

It is reported that QCS CHAIN team has taken the lead in the application of food production, automotive manufacturing and established a strategic partnership with a number of high-quality companies in the field. Based on blockchain food traceability platform and district blockchain automotive aftermarket, solutions will be introduced in a short period of time and are expected to extend this model to the world. At the same time, QCS CHAIN team has been working hard on promoting the globalization of the project. With the advantages of the project, sponsors can own resources. They have established communities in Singapore and Thailand. The cooperation between the United States and ABC Fund has begun to take shape.

Currently, the QCS CHAIN team is actively engaging with companies in other application scenarios. In the future, QCS will also set up business alliances, startups, large companies and vertical industry resources to continue to promote business innovation. There will be more commercial application ecosystems to build their own applications on the QCS CHAIN platform and truly implement blockchain technology.

About QCS CHAIN Project
The emergence of QCS CHAIN is not only a blockchain technological advancement, but also the beginning of a real enabling entity for blockchains. Perhaps, QCS CHAIN is most likely to come from behind and become the underlying technology behind Blockchain 3.0. It is a late comer and catching up with the development of the industry.

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