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Updated 12:00 PM CDT, Mon, October 09,2017

Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2017 -- nationally known as the experts on beating any speeding ticket in the USA, want people to understand that judges aren't interested in their "version of events" in a speeding ticket case. The company says they are amazed at what people think will work in a speeding ticket argument in traffic court.

A representative told us: "Most people are clueless about legal concepts, and what defense angles actually work in court. We get emails all day from people who insist that the cop made a mistake on the ticket, or that they weren't doing the speed he said, or some other ridiculous argument. None of that stuff will ever work in a court room." The representative went on to say: "If a person does not go into court with an actually solid legal argument, with case law, and vehicle codes documents that lay foundation to the case, they are doomed. And no regular people know how to put such a thing together, or have access to such legal documents. We tell customers that they need to face facts, and get a real defense together, or it's over for them."

The gang at Speedticketbeaters realizes they are revealing a harsh truth, and they're not very concerned about that perception. They insist it is their job to get people out of their tickets, and that it takes hard hitting language to wake people up to understanding that without experts involved, it can't be done. Of course is the crew of experts that will be required. does a completely free, no obligation consultation on any existing speeding ticket in the USA.

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