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Smith Publicity Presents Tips for Radio Interviews

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Updated 9:29 AM CDT, Mon, June 11,2018

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2018 -- When constructing a marketing campaign for a nonfiction book, a publisher will typically combine various media opportunities built around a backbone of radio interviews. Since these interviews are an integral component of any successful book marketing campaign, they should be approached with professionalism and a sense of authority. Smith Publicity provides assistance with book marketing strategies for their clients and offers this information for interviewees to make the most of these media opportunities.

Listening to recordings of themselves is one ideal way to assess a person's speaking skills. Checking for sentences that trail off at their end and for mumbling can help identify weak parts and assist in making a more clear and powerful voice. Using filler words like "um" and "like" can create unnecessary pauses when answering questions, as can overusing words like "obviously" and "of course."

Even though many times they won't be seen during the interview, it's a good idea for interviewees to stand and dress professionally. Not only will they feel more confident because of their attire, but they'll feel stronger and more assured from standing. In addition, practicing humility during an interview can actually aid in promoting a book. Don't force self-promotion, but instead wait for organic opportunities to mention a book.

In regards to answering questions, answers should be short but complete. If a response is merely a "no" or "yes," then elaborating on why is a good idea. Occasionally, listeners may call in to challenge the interviewee. This is normal and should be handled with grace and poise. Inviting listeners to participate in an interview is also a perfect way to create engagement. One way to accomplish this is by offering free books to callers how correctly answer questions posed by the interviewee.

Understand that speaking this much may leave interviewees feeling parched and dry. Keeping a glass of water close can help to avert thirst and dry mouth conditions. And finally, always remember to thank the host while on air and send a personal note to the host and the producer a few days after the interview.

Following these simple guidelines can help interviewees speak clearly, concisely, and with authority while being interviewed during their book marketing campaign. For more information on their ebook marketing services, call Smith Publicity at 856-229-0807 or visit

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