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SKYDAN Equity Partners Offers Independent Contractors an Alternative to Bank Loans

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Wed, November 06,2019

Western Springs, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2019 -- SKYDAN Equity Partners knows that many independent contractors have a hard time getting approved for a traditional bank loan. That's why they offer tax lien relief in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas. The company provides a unique alternative to the loans offered at banks, with their home equity sale and leaseback program. The progressive program allows independent contractors who have equity in their home to tap into that equity and unlock hidden wealth while allowing them to live in their home on a lease with SKYDAN Equity Partners. When banks say no, SKYDAN Equity Partners says yes.

Independent contractors are sometimes dealt a tough hand when it comes to applying for bank loans because they are oftentimes unable to produce documents necessary to prove that they aren't a huge risk to lenders. In other words, independent contractors are less likely to have two-plus years of tax returns to provide to banks, which are normally used to prove that the loan applicant has a steady source of income that will allow them to pay off their debt in a timely manner. Independent contractors are viewed as riskier than people who have income tied to a traditional employer because their income is not as guaranteed.

SKYDAN Equity Partners is here to tell independent contractors that the only thing they need to participate in the sale and leaseback program is equity in their home. They can unlock the wealth they have stored in their home equity by selling their home to SKYDAN and continuing to live there for up to two years with no monthly payments. After the two-year-maximum lease expires, homeowners can either buy the property back or sell the home and receive all remaining equity.

To learn more about the original sale and leaseback program since 2004, or to sell and then rent back property in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas, visit SKYDAN Equity Partners today for additional information.

The Original Sale/Leaseback Program
Since 2004

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SKYDAN Equity Partners is an Illinois-based real estate investment firm that partners with Chicago-area homeowners. They work to help folks lift themselves out of financial turmoil by allowing them to tap into their home equity and obtain the capital they need to pay off debt. Skydan Equity Partners LLC's home equity programs let homeowners stay in their homes without making payments for up to two years.

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