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Shires Law Explains Risks Associated with Laser Hair Removal Treatment – And How to Make a Claim

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Updated 4:00 AM CST, Mon, January 22,2018

Gloucester, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2018 -- When it comes to treatment procedures such as laser hair removal, there are risks involved – and not everyone may know this. But thanks to Shires Law's experienced solicitors, those who have been victim of a personal injury can get the information they need – especially on making a claim.

Treatments such as laser hair removal have become a lot more popular, as more individuals go for the procedure because it's relatively painless and the results can be positive and long-lasting. But as with any modern and technical procedure, there are still risks involved – and the risks can result in disastrous effects.

Shires Law, an expert law firm which has been handling cases of personal injury for years, knows all about the risks related to such a treatment. Shires Law confirms, "You must remember, after all, that laser treatment is not properly regulated, which means that it can be done by virtually anyone without the proper set of skills or even the right training..."

The risks associated with laser hair removal procedures are also explained in detail by Shires Law. One risk is burns and other injuries such as skin discolouration and scarring. Reactions can also occur, which can take the form of rashes and skin irritation. The risks are exacerbated because not all who perform the procedure are qualified – any beauty salon or centre can offer the treatment without first making sure that their staff is adequately trained.

Shires Law also explains how someone can make a claim if they have received an injury. "You can make a claim if you can prove the negligence or ignorance of the clinician or beauty salon and if you have had injuries ranging from burns to skin infections or skin itching, extreme skin sensitivity, or scarring. You can even make a claim if the clinician removed hair in the wrong area or removed too much hair from a particular area. Your claim can also extend to psychological or emotional damage due to the injury."

Shires Law has helped numerous clients receive proper compensation for their injuries. One client states, "I had always expected that my beautician would give more importance to my safety over other things. But to my utter dismay, she skipped a skin patch test and here I'm recovering from the aftermath. What initially seemed to me a minor suffering has now escalated into the painful outcome of an allergic reaction. Had it not been for Shires Law, I wouldn't be in a position to defend my claim for compensation."

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