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Seven Reasons Everyone Wants a Tesla

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Updated 10:31 AM CDT, Fri, September 06,2019

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2019 -- Tesla is a prominent brand which shapes the future through its vehicles. Surprisingly, Tesla stock currently trades much more than the value of other stocks. This is the best-selling vehicle of today. What sets Tesla apart in the electric automotive industry is not the fact that it designs electric vehicles, but it designs electric vehicles which are absolutely desirable.

Considering its popularity, a question in mind arises "why is Tesla valued so much? To get the perfect answer, you need to drive one. Tesla is not just a vehicle company; it is an energy company which makes a significant contribution in the automobile industry and shapes the future. Here are key reasons why everyone wants a Tesla:

1. Amazing Acceleration – There is no hyperbole in stating that Tesla is an insane mode. It is way more than just the vehicle. The Model S P100 D trim in Ludicrous+ mode has been tested in this regard. It has been considered as the fastest accelerating production car. The Model XSUV runs 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and even the affordable Model 2 is the slowest but at 3.3 seconds. Thus, unbelievable acceleration is remarkable.

2. No Gas – So, you don't have to stop for gas on the way. You can simply charge the vehicle at your home while you sleep. For this, you can purchase a 440V charger. Interestingly, electricity costs almost less than half the price of gas to travel same number of miles. So, you could save your time and money too. This reason has made great contribution in the popularity of Tesla.

3. Warranty – New Tesla has a pretty standard warranty period. The drive unit and batteries are emissions equipment; they are federally mandated to have an 8-year, 80,000 mile warranty period. It is interesting to note that Tesla offers unlimited miles on the battery warranty by going a step farther.

4. Safety – Safety is another compelling reason for people to choose Tesla. The Tesla Model S has been awarded a five-star safety rating in every subcategory. The Model X has been the first SUV to receive five-star rating in all the categories. So, with Tesla, you can buy a peace of mind.

5. No Emissions – Tesla is a cleaner and eco-friendly vehicle with zero emissions. The brand believes in the idea that if the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves to a future that witnesses zero emission, mankind has a better future.

6. Technologically Advanced System – Tesla is equipped with Autopilot, and other active safety technology systems. It receives over-the-air updates which can unlock convenient new features such as dog mode, sentry mode, etc. Thus, Tesla can upgrade your existing ride for free. Isn't it great?

7. Innovation - Non-stop innovation and engineering are lifeblood of Tesla. Adhering to the culture which will not stop, Tesla firmly believes in innovation. Its Engineers continuously work for better products and innovations which are tested, improved and integrated into Tesla vehicles, energy products, batteries, etc. Believing in the fact that products can be much better than they are, Tesla continues making larger investments in developing innovative products which are improved versions.

Thus, Tesla undoubtedly is a good car that looks great and is also fitted with all the features which one would expect from a regular modern car. Most importantly, Tesla utilizes an energy system in the best possible manner. As a result, it stands as a highly successful brand today.

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