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Serafino Di Loreto (Sdl): "Banking Wear and Anatocism, It Is Possible to Protect Oneself"

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Updated 10:31 AM CDT, Thu, July 25,2019

Mazzano, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2019 -- The effectiveness of legal tools still little known to call themselves out of critical economic situations that are difficult to manage

In the last 11 years, starting from the disastrous American default of 2008, even in Italy we witness rather sadly and recurrently episodes of the news that, despite themselves, see the banks as protagonists: ree of literally pulverizing the savings of thousands and thousands of compatriots, through the inauspicious work of management to say the least disastrous, also leading to the collapse of the credit institutions themselves. And the 2019 version crisis certainly does not seem to facilitate an already complicated and difficult situation in itself. Hence, the mostly Italian phenomenon of a series of chain fusion between different groups to try to stay afloat. And to start again, often and willingly, thanks to the money of the State, or by means of substantial recapitalization operations conducted above all through new requests for trust in money to those same current account holders - to whom, instead, a thousand and more excuses should be made, and returned large sums.

Since 1999, and more precisely since Piero CalabrĂ², the famous and esteemed Magistrate, obtained in court the first historical pronunciation concerning anatocism and banking usury, for the more and more numerous and honest Italian consumers a new scenario has opened thanks to which can get justice from the banks. This is an activity that has made the famous Brescian company 'SDL Centrostudi SPA' the undisputed reference point in our country as regards the verification of possible usurious and anatocistic defects that often pollute the goodness and health of current accounts.

Founded in 2010 by the brilliant Serafino Di Loreto, formerly an esteemed lawyer and still a successful entrepreneur, the company offers consumers free pre-analyzes of their current accounts: and even a policy that, in the event of a court losing case, covers the entire amount of the legal expenses incurred. To date, 'SDL Centrostudi SPA' ( has proved to be an effective and efficient partner in the management of other problems of primary importance connected to the advance of the crisis: among these, first of all, the so-called 'over-indebtedness, alias the overcoming of the economic peaks sustainable by consumers and businesses that are at the base of the so-called 'civil death', recovering over the first nine years of activity over 250 million euro unduly taken away from the pockets of vulnerable groups, including citizens, depositors , families, individuals, consumers and small and medium enterprises.

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