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Ryan Jennings & WYSIWYG Marketing: Reports Continued Market Dominance by the Team That Can't Be Beat

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Updated 11:55 AM CDT, Fri, April 14,2017

This press release discusses an announcement with regard to the recent successes of WYSIWYG Marketing and its owner: Ryan Jennings. It goes on to discuss new SEO strategies and continued market dominance.

Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2017 -- As the web marketing industry continues to become more competitive, one name consistently stands out over the rest: WYSIWYG Marketing—the brainchild of Ryan Jennings. Jennings and WYSIWYG recently announced new initiatives which will guarantee their continued dominance as the premier industrial web marketing firm in the Kansas City area and across the nation. Long recognized as the leader in SEO campaign strategies and implementation, WYSIWYG continues to add valuable services to their repertoire of available client service offerings.

Owner Ryan Jennings is extremely proud of WYSIWYG's recent successes: "I've been in the industry for over 20 years now, and, even with the constantly changing algorithms and inherent volatility of any web enterprise, my team can't be beat. My SEO insight and experience, coupled with my team's ability to implement and learn new strategies, ensures that WYSIWYG will continue to grow and dominate their market. And, my clients are amazing: truly. They are the experts on their products, and when they work hand in hand with my team—taking our advice, taking calculated risks—the sky is the limit."

Jennings and WYSIWYG's most recent successes involve new SEO strategies that have taken their clients to the top of Google and increased conversions by more than 50% in just 30 days. Mindy Mulheron, Jennings' business partner and WYSIWYG's SEO and Marketing Director, is tremendously proud of their team as well: "Ryan (Jennings) showed us the vision and told us to make it happen. Under his direction, we delivered—and our clients are reaping the benefits. Helton Plastics, a longtime WYSIWYG partner and custom manufacturer of cast urethane and thermoforming plastics, asked us to do the near impossible: and we did it. We were able to take a few obscure, specialized terms to the #1 spot on Google in their region. This was the direct result of Ryan's intuition and knowledge, Helton's trust and commitment in our company, and my team's determination to produce measurable results. This is why I love WYSIWYG: we work to constantly evolve and provide the best service for our clients. And we do it every time."

These new strategies will continue to guarantee WYSIWYG clients stay competitive in their industries. In an environment where many companies are wooed away from SEO campaigns and legitimate web providers for cheaper, more vulnerable WordPress sites, it's so important to remember and understand that what you see is what you get—and what you pay for will determine the service you receive. Jennings has seen clients leave and return in less than 90 days and wishes he could show everyone what happens to their online presence after they're swindled by a slick marketing professional who creates a website, promises them the world at no cost, and then produces zero measurable results. "The saddest part is that these companies typically spend excessively more than they ever thought they might save. They get stuck with a junk site which provides zero conversions or indexing, then they have to eat the money they spent when they realize they're never going to get any real service and start the entire process over with a reputable provider like WYSIWYG. Furthermore, and more importantly, the open source WordPress platform is a huge security risk: it possesses inherent vulnerabilities that can really mess things up in a hurry if it's not constantly monitored. This is why I developed my own custom industrial manufacturing product catalog—which is more robust, easier to use, completely secure, and surpasses not only WordPress' capabilities, but also close competitor ThomasNet's industrial catalog platform. I stand on what my company does: we don't make promises we can't keep and we'll do our absolute best for you. I've put years of my life into this company, and I am not afraid to guarantee my work. WYSIWYG stands for 'what you see is what you get,' and our clients see the results every day."

While WYSIWYG's primary focus remains on proving themselves an invaluable industrial marketing partner, their proven marketing strategies are applicable to more than just their niche in the industrial sector. WYSIWYG is proud to offer SEO campaign, strategy and implementation services, website design and development, mobile website development and optimization, email marketing, PPC campaigns, e-commerce, social media marketing, 3D motion graphics design, and reputation management solutions.

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WYSIWYG Marketing is marketing firm based in Kansas City, MO with clients nationwide. Founded in 2011, WYSIWYG has consistently proven its strength and dominance in the sector with back to back nominations and inclusion in the Top 25 List for the Kansas City Business Journal for four years running.

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