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Radio Ratings Measurement to Be Upgraded in Most U.S. Cities

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Updated 7:15 AM CST, Wed, March 06,2019

Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2019 -- Nielsen Audio will begin continuous audio diary audience measurement in most U.S. cities beginning in July of 2019. At present, most medium- and small-sized markets are measured two-to-four times per year. This more dynamic means of measuring and reporting audience size will enable advertising agencies that subscribe to Nielsen Audio research to make better informed decisions based on current conditions in the market place.

"A small fraction of America's advertising agencies invest in Nielsen Audio research for all 265 U.S. radio markets," said Mark Lipsky, CEO & Creative Director of The Radio Agency, one of the few advertising agencies that specialize 100% in radio advertising. "It's a sizeable research investment," he adds, but notes that as an advertising agency that places 100% of its media billings in radio, "it's essential for the agency to have access to the raw data to be able to control the conversation with radio stations and negotiate fair rates."

"Most full-service ad agencies that use radio, television, online, digital, direct mail, out-of-home, point of purchase and other marketing channels don't spend enough money on radio to justify that expense," Lipsky explains. "That means they're at the mercy of radio stations that show them the data they want them to see. This makes it difficult for an agency to be an unbiased and objective arbiter of best media options, since they don't control the data or the conversation."

These changes to how Nielsen Audio will report radio ratings will be critical in any market where a radio station changes format or there's a change in on-air personalities. It's also essential to employ continuous measurement around the holidays, since almost every market now has one or two stations switching programming to "All Holliday" music, impacting the October, November, December and January ratings.

"Big billion-dollar advertisers leave nothing to chance," said Brad Kelly, Managing Director, Nielsen Audio. "Every decision is data driven and updated audience data is crucial for timely decisions." This upgrade will more accurately reflect seasonal shifts and empower media buyers to make better-informed decisions.

This shift to Continuous Diary Measurement will begin in phases, starting in July 2019. For help planning an effective radio advertising campaign, driven by the newest Nielsen Audio radio research, contact The Radio Agency at

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