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Propellant Media LLC Offers Location-Based, Geofencing Marketing Services

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Updated 10:13 AM CST, Fri, December 22,2017

A top marketing and media solutions provider based in North Dakota, Propellant Media LLC offers advertising services including location-based, geofencing marketing services.

Linton, ND -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2017 -- Location based advertising has become very important in the modern world, which is increasingly focusing on local customers and opportunities. With Propellant Media LLC, clients can get location-based mobile advertising delivery, which can help in pinpointing target audience depending on particular geography. The service can help spot areas where customers are highly concentrated.

The company offers geofencing marketing services that can provide marketers with the competitive edge that they need over their business competitors. It is the best solution for those who wish to target people attending a particular event. The service helps agencies target customers depending on their activities. Propellant Media LLC creates geofences based on the physical location of customers, and serve ads based on their position.

The advanced geo fencing technology also helps in tracking people who have seen the ads already, and find out whether they have actually visited the store of clients. With Conversion zones, it is possible for clients to track how well their online marketing efforts are being converted offline in the form of actual customers for the store products or services.

This unique marketing service helps in tracking customers based on their actual physical location and activities, right to their parks, intersections and buildings, and not merely to zip codes and cities. Both offline and online conversions can be tracked, and people who come back to the desired location – such as the store, office or restaurant of the client- can be monitored. The location based service can be used to communicate directly to customers and reach the target audience. Propellant Media LLC is able to create a proper, targeted campaign that is customized to the specific objectives of the organization or business of clients.

A partnership firm, Propellant Media LLC offers a wide range of digital solutions such as Digital-Programmatic Advertising, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM & PPC), Search Engine Optimization, Digital Media Planning, Data Analytics and more. It uses the newest media technologies for providing regional and emerging companies with out of the box media and marketing solutions.

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A marketing and media solutions agency based in North Dakota, Propellant Media LLC helps customers to boost sales, improve lead and customer engagement and optimize leads in a mobile and digital world that is growing steadily competitive.

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