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Propellant Media Is Offering One of a Kind Location Based Mobile Advertising Services to Businesses

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Updated 1:51 PM CDT, Fri, May 25,2018

Atlanta based digital marketing and media solutions provider Propellant Media is helping businesses and agencies to provide location based advertisement to their target audiences using geofencing marketing technology.

Mcdowell, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2018 -- The increasing movement of consumers from conventional web browsing, like laptops and desktops to mobile browsing on tablets or smartphones has lead advertisers to use a recent mobile marketing technique called geofencing to target potential clients. Geofencing as the name suggests alludes to defining up virtual boundaries (fencing) around a particular location (geo) to trigger an activity as soon as somebody enters or leaves the target area. The advertising part comes in when a targeted message is sent when a potential client crosses the fenced location. Location based marketing is the next level of personalized marketing and has incredible potential to engage potential clients for a targeted campaign regardless of whether it involves delivering a customized message to individuals close to a retail store or a rebate offer to people who has visited a competitor's business just a while ago. The key advantages of utilizing geofencing marketing technology includes driving customers and traffic to business and engaging them and potential customers with the business, better targeting, adding value to the sales procedure by relevantly making offers, discounts, and promotional freebies and gifts, etc.

Atlanta based digital marketing and media solutions provider Propellant Media has been providing location based mobile advertising services to businesses and agencies using geofencing marketing technology. The service is ideal for personal injury lawyers looking for ways to reach accident victims at hospitals, ER centers, and car repair centers, exhibitors wanting to advertise at a forthcoming trade show, car dealership desiring to target their competitor dealerships, and others. The Beacon Free geofencing technology utilized by Propellant Media enables companies to target people based on their physical activities and the places they go. Businesses can use their service for targeting events, sporting and music events, competitor locations, stadiums, intersection of popular streets, and other places where their ideal audience frequents.

Propellant Media can target location visitors or attendees of an event for 1 day to a month and serve ads across the 6 million apps they have access to and even retarget customers who visit or travel through any geo-fenced location using their geofencing technology. The company even has conversion zone tracking capabilities to track people who have seen the ads of a business and determine if they have actually walked inside the store. Propellant Media is committed to help small to midsize businesses grow through their digital solutions.

All relevant information on their location based advertising services is available on their official geofencing webpage -

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Atlanta based full service digital agency Propellant Media is offering one of a kind location based mobile advertising services to businesses and agencies. The company uses geofencing marketing technology to help businesses target people based on their physical activities and the places they go.

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