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Professional Tank & Environmental Provides Emergency Services for Oil Tank Leaks

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Updated 12:47 PM CDT, Mon, June 03,2019

Tullytown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2019 -- Oil tank leaks can endanger health, property, and the environment. With around 6 million homes relying on oil heating in the US, Professional Tank and Environmental is proud to provide emergency oil tank services and oil tank removal across Doylestown and the surrounding areas.

Depending on the location of an oil tank, the size of a leak, and the amount of time the leak has been taking place, there is potential for serious pollution, as well as significant costs for homeowners. Indoor leaks are easily detected, as there is usually a distinct smell of oil in the area surrounding a tank, and oil present on the floor around the tank or drum.

Outdoor leaks can be harder to detect. If a neighbor's water supply becomes contaminated, or there is a strong smell of oil when any outdoor maintenance work unearths soil, these are signs that a nearby outdoor oil tank may be leaking into the ground area.

The Professional Tank and Environmental team recommend regularly checking the water inside a home's sump pump for signs of oil. Since oil is denser than water, the liquid floats to the top. Therefore, any oil present on top of the water is a sign that an oil tank is leaking.

Homeowners are encouraged to call a professional if they suspect any indoor or outdoor leaks in their oil tanks. Outdoor leaks can pose significant problems and must be addressed as soon as a leak is suspected, otherwise they can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

For oil tank maintenance and underground tank removal in Philadelphia, call Professional Tank and Environmental at 215-720-1964 or click here today.

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Professional Tank & Environmental is family owned and operated, providing over 30 years of experience in the oil heating industry. They serve both residential and commercial property owners in the greater Philadelphia area. They pride themselves on operating in-house, not contracting any of their work. This allows customers to trust they are getting the personalized service they deserve. Commonly, Professional Tank & Environmental works with insurance companies, heating supply businesses, and real estate agencies. The crew strives to provide the very best installation, tank removal and oil heating services.

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