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Portiva Offers Comprehensive Speech to Text Services

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Updated 10:54 AM CDT, Thu, June 07,2018

Hellertown, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2018 -- Portiva, a leader in audio transcription services in the Philadelphia area, offers premium speech-to-text services for organizations who require audio recordings to be professionally transcribed. With service offerings encompassing a wide variety of industries and professions, Portiva is confident in their software and their people to provide the greatest speech-to-text solutions available. Medical professionals, law enforcement officers, business and insurance associates, and members of the academic community can all benefit from the convenience and precision of Portiva's audio transcription services.

Portiva offers academic transcription services that are highly acclaimed in the United States among educational institutions, colleges and universities, and trade schools. Professors and administrative staff can take advantage of this service for interviews, seminars, and more.

In the business and insurance realms, industry professionals often need to record and preserve communications in written formats. In situations like these, Portiva's audio transcription services can bring attention to specific sections of spoken language that would have otherwise been missed, giving associates the opportunity to more accurately assess a piece of communication.

In the world of law enforcement, law offices, police departments, courthouses, and legal consulting firms are required to sift through an incredible amount of paperwork and data every day, and this includes audio recordings. Portiva has a long history of providing law enforcement officers with audio transcription services that lead to the apprehension of criminals and the prevention of further crimes.

For medical practitioners whose jobs depend on the accurate transcription of spoken language, Portiva provides the exceptional service of transcribing medical documentation for the benefit of doctors, nurses, and their patients. As the top medical transcriptionist in Philadelphia, Portiva provides essential solutions for such a vital system.

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About Portiva
Founded in 2008, Portiva is a provider of transcription services for medical and legal practices, corporate businesses, and media-driven clients. The company offers exemplary customer service from experienced transcriptionists to ensure that all clients receive the files that they need in a timely manner. Portiva additionally offers answering services, notification services, and call recording, giving clients the very best in digital transcription. Portiva can be reached 24/7 by calling 800-977-3534 or visiting

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