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Phenomenal Woman Sharise L. Erby-Castle

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Updated 12:00 PM CDT, Thu, July 12,2018

The launch of the Next Level Empowerment and Development Academy

Cucamonga, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2018 -- For over 25 years Sharise L. Erby-Castle has defied her self-definition as an introvert, choosing to boldly minister, motivate and inspire women to embrace their unique greatness and empowered destiny. Sharise leverages her messaging through her Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network, PWEN, started in 2005 as an annual women's conference and expanded into a 501c3 non-profit membership organization in 2013.

In May 2018, PWEN Founder, Sharise L. Erby-Castle, announced its evolution from a membership base to a partner platform. It also launched the "Next Level Empowerment and Development Academy," an online platform that offers access to Sharise's empowerment, and success support systems, plus content from PWEN partners. Sharise L. Erby-Castle speaks and teaches from her heart, sharing real-life experiences with a fearless intent to create a relatedness that women and men connect to

Sharise L. Erby-Castle's PWEN, views it's mission is to meet women right where they are personally, professionally, and spiritually, providing them with the resources and tools to leave them empowered, encouraged, equipped, and elevated. PWEN delivers its program through workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars, coaching and mentoring. It serves the entrepreneurial movement through boot camps, workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Plus, PWEN now delivers specific career training, positioning itself to help women who may be struggling with finding work or a career, to become vibrant business owners, and creating their own economy. Through PWEN, over 11,000 women and a growing number of men, enjoy next level success, since 2013.

More than "powerful empathy in action," Sharise L. Erby-Castle has an impressive background of professional, artistic and impactful communication skills. Sharise's brilliance emerges from the framework of a Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management, a Master's in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix, and experience in healthcare industry management positions for over 20 years.

Sharise L. Erby-Castle lead operations teams of over 1000 employees, owned an event planning business, co-owned two restaurants, and is the founder of Go Tell It Communications and Publishing LLC. Sharise's skill set is always engaged, creating the atmosphere of high potential that so many celebrate while attending her conferences, summits and speaking engagements.

Sharise L. Erby-Castle has authored 2 transformative books, the latest being "Whole Women Win: Unleashing the Winner from Within." She is an Empowerment Life Coach, a popular inspirational speaker and a licensed minister on staff Family & Faith Christian Church.

What conditions create such a dynamic personality and powerful leader? One of Sharise L. Erby-Castle's answers, fearlessly invites you into her actual life experiences. "My father was an exceptional dad and provider of all I needed, unfortunately he was a lousy husband," Sharise shares. Within this one statement, "unshakable resilience." shows up as a cornerstone in Sharise's life. It underscores her speaking, writing, seminars and exhilarating events.

The attribute of "resilience," permeates Sharise L. Erby-Castle's life stories. It functions as a powerful character trait or "personal policy," that assures people will rebound back to "whole" after disruptive life events. Most importantly, it helps generate a constructive "Corrective Action Plan," CAP, to redirect activity toward supporting vibrant wholeness.

Sharise L. Erby-Castle advocates using a CAP throughout life's trials and tribulations. The detailed steps that move people from tragic dysfunctionality to abundant prosperity are rooted in soul-searching self-assessment. Several years ago, Sharise committed to controlling her blood pressure numbers. Her deep dive into "why," concluded that she was an out-of-control "emotional eater."

Sharise L. Erby-Castle gets animated clarifying her "emotional eating," "It's a continuation of my youth! We soothed our hurts with food and celebrated our victories with even tastier food. I have been a foodie and my personal CAP focused on exercise and nutrition management. I intensely channeled my energies into a discipline of daily action. The result, restoration of my blood pressure wholeness. That was six years ago, and it was without medication," Sharise finishes proudly.

Of course, there's more. Central to every CAP is confronting your own personal actions and attitudes that generate anger, jealousy or resentment. Sharise L. Erby-Castle often counsels women hurt by the church, "Did the church hurt you because you put the preacher on a pedestal, shirking the spiritual practice you know is your personal responsibility?" This internal confrontation grows you forward creating stronger "character muscles." Absorbing the truth of your actions instead of wallowing in ego massaging blame games, leaves you more empowered emotionally and spiritually. Sharise L. Erby-Castle's PWEN, keeps you winning all the time!

It's simple and very profound. Sharise L. Erby-Castle's PWEN has a robust event-based program providing varying degrees of personal and professional development trainings. It is the solution for anyone interested in developing resources and tools to take their success to the next level and experience life empowered, encouraged, equipped, and elevated. Sharise L. Erby-Castle is the real deal that delivers authentic results.

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