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PatrolScan Shines a Light on the Occupational Hazards of Security Guards

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Updated 12:11 PM CDT, Wed, August 01,2018

Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2018 -- For over a decade, PatrolScan has been developing state-of-the-art security patrol software. They understand that security guards can frequently find themselves in situations that can cause them great harm. Therefore, PatrolScan wants to shine a light on the occupational hazards that can plague security guards.

According to the International Labor Organizations (ILO), there are five types of hazards that security guards are at risk of encountering while on the job. The largest hazards fall under the accidental hazard category. Accidents like falls, slips, electric shock, gunshot accidents, and dog bits fall under this category.

Environmental hazards are the most prominent physical hazards to affect security guards as prolonged exposure to harsh elements can cause acute or chronic diseases. While there are no specific chemical hazards listed by ILO for security guards overall, guards working in industries such as chemical or pharmaceuticals face the same risk for chemical exposure as other workers in those fields.

There are also no specific biological hazards facing security guards as a whole, but those working in hospitals or biological research labs face the same risks of exposure to deadly pathogens as other workers in the field. Lastly, the demanding hours and irregular hours of security work can cause significant stress and fatigue, which puts guards at a higher for extreme fatigue and Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS).

As a leading developer of security guard patrol systems, PatrolScan encourages organizations to use their guard patrol software to monitor the safety of their guards. By having easy access to review incident reports and monitor tour progress, managers can better assess if something has gone wrong during a tour.

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