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NuvoH2O Encourages Homeowners to Prepare for Cold Weather by Installing a Salt-Free Home Water Softening System

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Updated 10:54 AM CDT, Thu, September 12,2019

Clearfield, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2019 -- The arrival of fall is the perfect opportunity to address hard water issues in the home. NuvoH2O reminds homeowners in cold weather climates that they can buy salt-free water softeners and enjoy soft skin without worrying about limescale build-up on their pipes and water-based appliances in the fall and winter months.

Hard water can present various problems throughout the year; clogging pipes with mineral residue, causing the premature breakdown of dishwashers and washing machines, and even drying out hair and skin in the shower. Problems with dry, brittle, frizzy hair and dehydrated, red, itchy skin are compounded when it's cold outside and the humidity level in the air drops. A combination of harsh, frigid winds blowing outdoors, indoor heating and hard water can lead to serious discomfort.

NuvoH2O offers an ideal solution for hard-water hassles. The company's innovative salt-free water conditioning system produces the same treatment benefits of traditional salt-based water softeners for hair and skin, without stripping away all the healthy minerals from the water.

Using CitraCharge® Technology to balance the pH of water, a NuvoH20 water conditioner binds to and isolates minerals in the water to keep them flowing smoothly through pipes instead of forming scale. This leaves shower walls and doors free of ugly build-up and keeps essential appliances running efficiently, thereby keeping energy bills low.

Don't wait until the first frost covers the ground to buy a saltless water softener and experience the numerous benefits a NuvoH2O water conditioning system can provide for a home. To learn more, give the team at NuvoH2O a call at 877-688-6426, or visit the company's website to fill out a contact form today.

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NuvoH2O is the top choice for homeowners who want an eco-friendly and affordable way to treat their hard water and enjoy all the benefits that salt-free soft water offers. The company features easy-to-maintain salt-free water softener systems that are used by homes and commercial properties across the country to provide clean and healthful salt-free soft water. For more information, please visit their website at

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