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MPGQS Highlights the Effect of Brexit on Construction Firms

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Updated 3:15 AM CDT, Mon, September 09,2019

London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2019 -- A historical event such as Brexit brings a number of uncertainties alongside it. These are affecting a wide array of Britain's sectors – and the construction sector is no different. As the date of this world-changing event draws nearer, the following are a couple of things firms such as MPGQS have been doing to brace for the impact.

As the market continues to be haphazard, many firms are advised to remain cautious and careful in their actions. More and more details about the exit strategy are coming to light – and this will undoubtedly assist in decision making. There was an influx in manufacturing output seen earlier this year. This was as a result of companies beginning to prepare for tighter restrictions on the cross-border movement of workers and goods. This has largely settled down now. As new tariffs and taxes are placed upon imported goods, their prices are expected to rise. Additionally, restrictive control over movement of these materials may slow down the overall process significantly.

Tighter control over the labor movement could result in a shortage in the workforce. 25% of London's construction workers are migrants from the EU. As entry and exit become harder for them, they may consider other options. The remaining labor will undoubtedly rise in price, due to the resultant shortage. Projects may see delays and completion dates may be pushed back as a result. Investors are showing caution in terms of investments. This may result in stagnation of development of projects such as HS2, Crossrail 2 and others. However, government funds which would otherwise be spent on EU membership can be used for further developmental projects.

Uncertain times can have unpredictable results. But, it is with confidence and resilience that MPGQS operates. And that is what they hope to ensure, as they move into this new future for Britain.

Michael Gallucci serves as the managing director and owner of MPGQS, a leading property and construction consultancy headquartered in London. Since 1996, Michael has built a reputation as a trusted partner for firms in need of his extensive expertise, great energy, and an unparalleled eye for detail. These strengths, in conjunction with his ability to build a team from the greatest talent in the industry, have paved the way for MPGQS to become a leader for handling large scale international projects.

MPGQS operates from offices around the UK, Europe, and the Middle East, and serves clients in areas relating to financial, commercial, contractual, and engineering aspects for large construction projects. From quantity surveying, project management, and dispute resolution, MPGQS works with clients on all levels of a project from inception to completion. Learn more about our company by visiting our company website or visit us on social media.

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