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Michael McKeever Private Investigator in New York and New York City Is Available for All Investigative Purposes

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Updated 7:23 AM CST, Fri, January 19,2018

Michael McKeever, Private Investigator, is an expert with years of experience in finding information that people would rather keep secret.

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2018 -- There are various situations where it is important to know all about the background and credentials of a person, even when the individual concerned might be less than willing to divulge said information. In such cases, it is best to hire the services of a professional who can get the required information with minimal risk and hassles on the part of the client.

In cases involving extramarital affairs, infidelity, insurance fraud, divorce and custody disputes and employment background checks, people are often less than honest when divulging their personal information. So if suspicions of dishonesty and malpractice arise, the best and safest course of action is to immediately hire an experienced and reputed private investigator in New York and New York City.

With three generation's worth of experience in the investigative field, Michael McKeever and the agency handle a wide range of investigations around the world. Particularly known for its surveillance capabilities, the agency offers an entire catalog of diverse investigative services, both for personal and corporate use. With a sterling professional track record and wide-ranging experience in numerous fields of investigation, Michael McKeever is a Private Investigator licensed by the state of New York to practice in NYC. The comprehensive range of services offered by the agency includes missing person investigation, surveillance, disability and other insurance fraud investigation and employment background checks in New York and New York City.

With three decades' worth of relationships with various data providers, industry insiders and agencies, Mr. McKeever is adept at finding reliable sources that can provide the relevant and pertinent information for any case. Additionally, Michael McKeever has degrees in sociology, criminology, and psychology, all of which enable Mr. McKeever to be the very best in the investigative profession. The tools used by the agency to achieve its targets include the latest data providing services and investigative procedures, as well as traditional surveillance and photographic evidence.

For any concerns or questions, or to set up an appointment with Mr. McKeever's office, call 212-226-0358 immediately.

About Michael McKeever
Michael McKeever is one of the most successful and trustworthy private investigators operating in the New York area. Mr. McKeever's agency has decades of experience in using the latest investigative tools to find information that others would rather keep hidden. They undertake investigative assignments in New York and around the world.

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