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McCright Financial Group Now Operating in Woodland Park, CO

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Updated 10:13 AM CST, Fri, March 10,2017

Colorado Springs business is now making it possible for individuals and businesses in this small mountain community to have a a team of experts readily available to build a financial plan

Colorado Springs, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2017 -- McCright Financial Group, formed in 1993, specializes in business and personal asset management, and provides its clients with a clear understanding of how their money is actually working for them.

The company is owned and operated by Scott McCright, who has been in the financial industry for going on twenty four years.

"McCright Financial Group has consistently observed that, working by themselves, most people will never reach their maximum financial potential," McCright said.

Why is this? "The main reason is because despite having sufficient income and resources – most people simply make financial decisions based on reaction or defense without doing the proper research first or even having a "Plan" in place." he said.

Because of this, it can unknowingly create unnecessary wealth transfers. "I have actually seen some cases where people were transferring away hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime. This can usually be prevented by simply knowing where this type of problem exists to begin with."

Financial success starts with knowledge and having an actual thought out plan, according to McCright. "Not by simply owning financial products. Financial products are the 'Nuts and Bolts' holding the castle together you are trying to amass, and can create a false sense of security."

With a plan, asset coordination along with a proper estate protection plan is a great place to start, according to McCright.

McCright Financial Group has hand selected a team of experts in banking, money management, strategic real-estate and mortgages, accounting, and also insurance and estate planning in order to cover all aspects of our client's financial needs and desires.

The key, according to McCright, is to have as many of your advisors working harmoniously together on your plan at the same time. Is this possible? McCright said, "Yes."

"Our client's most common concern is 'am I doing the right thing? My answer to this is simple… only through a careful evaluation of your current circumstances, future goals and desires, and resources available, can it be said you're doing the right thing," he said. "Contrary to popular belief, there is no general answer for this question. I can bring the truth to every client about how their money works the best for them."

McCright Financial Group approaches every client's situation differently. Why? "Because we all have our own unique set of circumstances and desires," said McCright. "We're here to help. We might just be the relationship you have been searching for."

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McCright Financial Group, based in Colorado Springs, CO, has been in business for 24 years. McCright makes it possible for individuals and businesses to achieve financial freedom. For more information, call 719-963-6352 or email Visit them on the web at or you can also find them on Facebook at

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