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Luxury Houston Real Estate Agencies Connect Homebuyers with Luxury High Rise Condos, Small Luxury Homes and Townhomes, Mansions for Sale, and Houston Luxury Apartments

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Updated 9:44 AM CDT, Mon, July 16,2018

Houston real estate, and particularly Houston Luxury Real Estate offers a snapshot of the latest home trends in Houston Luxury Homes. Buying and Selling Houston Real Estate is a fast-paced occupation for Houston Real Estate Agents

Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2018 -- Houston luxury real estate crosses a wide range of property types and can be found in many of the neighborhoods around the largest city in Texas. Whilst a luxury home might conjure visions of a grand mansion set in its own grounds, for others the footprint of a luxury property is considerably smaller. For those homeowners who thrive on the hustle and bustle of Downtown, luxury apartments and luxury high rise condos are sought after. Additional value is added to a unit on factors other than the square footage of the floor plan. Luxury real estate can be defined more by the value of a property than the size. Building amenities, for instance, can elevate values, with access to a spa, a rooftop pool, a fitness center, a communal lobby area, concierge services or parking. Another factor is the orientation of a unit with sunset views commanding a premium value, especially if the views can be enjoyed from a private balcony or terrace, or through a dramatic wall of floor to ceiling windows. Another important factor is the location, with so many things to do and see in Houston, a great location within walking distance of fine dining, retail, and cultural attractions carries a premium value.

Whilst there will always be a high demand for traditional style homes, increasingly new constructions are adopting a modern and contemporary design. When an older house is remodeled with the sleek lines and open floor plans of a modern design, it can rejuvenate a property and increase the value, as well as appealing to a broader demographic. In some cases where the houses are either very old, outdated, or neglected, the primary real estate value may lie in the plot of land itself. In these instances, the lot is sold to clients looking to demolish the existing building and construct a new property. For some, this can be viewed as an opportunity to develop an investment in real estate.

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Carnan Properties is a full-service, luxury Houston real estate company offering outstanding service and results to Houston and the world. Multilingual agents offer local Houston real estate experience to those who want to move to, or within, this vibrant city. Their portfolio of Houston luxury real estate includes high-end luxury homes for sale, million dollar homes, Houston mansions for sale, town homes, country homes, small luxury homes, luxury apartments, and luxury high rise for sale. Carnan Properties present residential and commercial properties for sale, a full-service Houston real estate company with deep local roots. The experienced and professional team of experts bring their unique approach to create an experience found only at Carnan Properties. Founded by Carmina Zamorano, she eloquently sums up the reason real estate agents in Houston at Carnan Properties are passionate about their profession: "A house is just a building. A home is a sensation."

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