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LaCoya Shelton's Leadership in HR Has Revolutionized HR Teams and Systems

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Updated 11:47 AM CDT, Wed, March 13,2019

And now she is bringing that expertise to a business through the Revolutionary HR Consulting Podcast: Join the Revolution!

Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2019 -- LaCoya Shelton, CEO of Revolutionary HR Consulting, has had a long and successful career leading HR teams and systems. Her desire to continue revolutionizing human resources by bringing about positive change to HR systems and practices on a global scale led her to make the exciting and courageous transition to launching Revolutionary HR Consulting in September 2018.

Setting Revolutionary HR Consulting apart from others is their holistic end-to-end and comprehensive view of the HR system – from the inside out to include governance and stakeholder needs. Shelton and her team of experts have a closely held belief that the employment life cycle does not occur in silos; nor should the functions of the HR system. All their services share the same overarching goal of helping organizations create a well-developed human resources system that is grounded in service-delivery and strategic ability. Their approach supports business's ability to have an HR system that is outcomes-oriented, and responsive with fluid end-to-end processes.

Helping to reach business audiences worldwide, Revolutionary HR Consulting's podcast, Join the Revolution! is available on streaming services including iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. The podcast series discusses how HR systems align with business strategies. Each month, CEO LaCoya Shelton, highlights real world business and leadership opportunities and challenges. The series makes the connection between existing as well as emerging business strategies and the HR system given the HR system is the intersection between business strategy and the human beings who are responsible for its success. Recognizing that this connection is not always clear in a day-to-day, practical sense, the Revolutionary HR Consulting podcast Join the Revolution! aims to change that through conversations with revolutionary people including thought leaders, CEOs and others whose brilliance, combined with Revolutionary HR Consulting's decades of experience and expertise, brings clarity, insightfulness and optimism to the most common and complex leadership and business challenges.

In a special hour-long episode, LaCoya Shelton speaks with the iconic Dr. Ken Blanchard, grandfather of situational and servant leadership and author of the One-Minute-Manager and host of other bestselling books. Also sharing their insights are President and CEO of Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, Tim O'Neal; Founder and CEO at Shanahan Capital Ventures and former CEO of Avella Specialty Pharmacy, Rebecca Shanahan; and HRESR Founder and CEO Laura Ingegneri. Catch the Revolutionary HR Consulting podcast and Join the Revolution!

About Revolutionary HR Consulting
Revolutionary HR Consulting helps businesses advance their HR system to become a strategic workforce cultivators partnering to drive the most critical organizational outcomes and strengthening their positions in the employment marketplace.

Revolutionary HR Consulting provides immediately implementable plans that enable organizations to assess the skills of its workforce, respond to the anticipated gaps or shortages, and determine if management practices and behaviors are conducive to attracting and retaining the best and the brightest employees. They enable this through maximizing the inputs and outputs of HR operations and help businesses gain a competitive advantage by establishing or improving the ability to identify, attract, engage and develop the talented staff necessary to move business objectives forward.

Revolutionary HR Consulting's company philosophy is predicated on the closely held belief that HR is a foundational element of organizational strategy.

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