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Kate: A Digital Post Press Solution of Focusing on User Needs

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Updated 9:15 PM CDT, Wed, June 27,2018

Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2018 -- Hunkeler AG, a world leader in high-performance paper handling systems of unwinding, rewinding, cutting, stacking, perforating, punching and folding solutions.

On April 9, 2018, at the 2018 China (guangdong) international printing exhibition, people in the industry gathered to appreciate the charm of printing. Reputation group with several partners, and on the exhibition shows the multiple printing solution, which has a title of "digital products processing experts" Hunkleker company also made detailed showing to the customer, and bring the comprehensive digital printing solutions, a web site with reporters at the reputation stands Hunkleker group chairman ms Kate has carried on the detailed communication, ms Kate at the scene with great interest for Hunkeler company now make interpretation and the planning of the future.

Hunkeler company was founded in 1922, due to the second world war Germany and Switzerland during the period of the international situation is nervous, used to rely mainly on the current situation of the German post-press equipment power is broken, ms Kate's father, as the first founder group, began to develop after printing equipment, and formed a certain scale. 1980 years later, the digital printing platform started to budding, the company relies on outstanding industry sensitivity, resolutely in 10 years fully open digital printing products, committed to the professional and convenience of products, equipment is mainly related to bill, the implementation of the direct mail processing after the printing solution.

Hunkeler is committed to further development in China.Like global printing service and solution providers, China's printing market is highly valued. Given the cost of direct sales and uncontrollability of domestic environment, after Hunkeler company as a global digital printing suppliers, and is an important unit of printing complete link, you need at home to choose a printing process complete supply and neutral attitude, and have good service level of printing enterprise platform in China. After careful screening, we finally chose to cooperate with weiyu company to create a complete set of integrated high-end digital printing solutions for our customers.

Hunkeler Innovation days will give China the green light.It has been 20 years since the opening of the first Hunkeler Innovation days. At the beginning, it was simply defined as an Open Day activity for the company for customers, and only a few enterprises were invited to participate according to the needs. This approach has brought good customer evaluation. With long-term brand accumulation, more than 60 enterprises showed up at this exhibition. As the current one of the most famous high-end digital printing equipment after the overall solution of exhibition, customers and the enterprise has a different harvest, the customer can carefully to appreciate the different applications, the manufacturers are able to understand each other by showing technical advantage, the flowers bloom. As most of the exhibition coincides with the Chinese New Year, Ms. Kate revealed that the Hunkeler Innovation days in 2017 will consider the scheduling of Chinese customers and adjust the time.

Clear development direction makes the group go further.In the future printing industry, the on-demand printing market will become larger, because with the rapid change of people's consumption patterns, print on demand has become the trend. Future market changes mainly include three aspects, particularly for the books and periodicals printing enterprise, small batch, rising costs of inventory cost and logistics cost, will further need on-demand printing are used to control the cost of production. For Hunkeler, can grasp the customer demand is very close, after mature high-end digital printing solutions to understand and solve difficulties when production, and the freedom of the flexible modular combination to meet the actual needs of customers, in addition, the product's adaptability has always been a proud part of Hunkeler company, relying on the unique technology and service advantage, will be for customer's development and the development of the enterprise itself into the same favorable potent agent.

About Kate and Hunkeler
Digital printing is increasingly mature from the front-end data processing to the middle printing production, and flexible processing after processing, the whole process of digital printing has been basically finished. Hunkeler group as a key ring, for digital printing, will be always committed to providing customers with high-end digital solutions. They focus on digital printing solution automation and variability that instant industrialized the development inevitable trend and also provided important aspects of customer convenience.

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