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Increase Event Awareness and Boost Brand and Company Image with Customisable Popup Banner Stands

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Updated 9:57 AM CST, Tue, January 02,2018

Eastleigh, Hampshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2018 -- Promotional aids today are more flexible and effective in getting messages across. For different events such as trade shows, product launches or conferences, Rollerbannersuk recommends using pop up stands that are available in different sizes, layouts and configurations in tandem with creatively designed portable banners. They can be placed in various areas where visibility is at its highest.

For tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions and other events where the expected attendance is huge, there will definitely be stiff competition for advertising space. Companies will be using all forms of promotional aids to catch audience attention. The materials should be colourful, arresting and eye catching, with on-point messages.

A pop up banner stand is one of the most effective signage tools to have. It can display a company's logo and slogan or featured product even if space is limited. They come in different styles and sizes to fit the space where they are to be displayed. Customers can make use of different ways to display their banners, such as utilising pop up stands.

Pop up stands are one of the most affordable, easy and effective ways to promote a company's services, products or the business itself to a wider audience. One of the best benefits of using pop up stands is their easy and quick assembly. Once it is set up, you are ensured that you can get your message across continuously. It is also easy to dismantle and its collapsed size takes up very little space. The banner itself is very easy to store as well. It has its own graphics tube, preventing the rolled up printed banner from getting wrinkled and creased.

Pop up stands take up very little space, when in use and when stored. However, the display of brand and company logo or message is maximised. The carry-on storage case makes it portable. Likewise, all the parts are stored in one place, ensuring that you will not be missing parts when it's time to assemble the stand.

Rollerbannersuk says that pop up stands are very cost effective and have a far longer life than traditional advertising mediums, like print, radio or TV ads that are very expensive and often used for a limited time.

Rollerbannersuk accepts client-supplied artwork for the banner or uses the company's team of in-house designers and graphic artists to create the design, for a small fee. The most important thing is to have a well-conceptualised layout. The banner should be stylish and clearly spell out the company's message, so it stands out. The range of graphic design choices is wide; therefore, it is easy for customers to find a design that will provide the highest visual impact when placed next to various competitors.

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Rollerbannersuk, one of the country's top manufacturers of various banners and other advertising and promotional materials for outdoor and indoor use, creates affordable, professionally made, durable, flexible and portable pop up stand displays for trade shows and other events. For more information and other products, check their website.

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