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HXJQ Outlines the Factors That Affect the Selection of Crushers

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Updated 8:15 PM CDT, Tue, June 04,2019

Zhengzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2019 -- With the extensive use of sand and gravel aggregates, mine crushing equipment has strong market demand. There are many manufacturers on the market and the product models are complex. The investors who are in contact with this industry for the first time may be dazzled. How can we choose the equipment that suits the requirements of our project? Below HXJQ company will solve your doubts.

In the production of aggregates, the commonly used crushing equipment including jaw crusher(, impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and mobile crushing stations(

Factors influencing the selection:

- Economic indicator

- Pre-expenditure expenses: It refers to the necessary early inputs for the normal operation of the equipment, such as the recruitment and training of relevant personnel, equipment packaging, calibration, certification and so on.

- Total equipment price and payment method: The selling price and payment method of the equipment are often the key factors for enterprises with tight capital, which is directly related to the continuity of the project.

- Installation and relocation costs: the total cost of equipment installation and relocation plus the total cost of evacuation and clearance. The installation cost includes the cost of steel and concrete materials used in the foundation, labor costs and equipment costs for lifting and fitting.

- Materials and finished products

Material specification

When the material size is large, the jaw crusher can be used as the first-stage crushing. When the material size is strict and needs to be composed of certain grades of stone, it is necessary to select the combined crushing and screening equipment, such as the jaw crusher. It is combined with a cone crusher or an impact crusher and a hammer crusher and is combined with a screening device of a certain size.

Nature of material

For crushing hard or medium hard stone materials, the jaw crusher should be selected as the first-stage crushing. When crushing medium hard or soft stone, the cone crusher, impact crusher or hammer crusher can be directly used.

Due to the variety of equipment available, different equipment has different tolerances to materials. Once you have determined the nature of the material, you can first exclude some inappropriate types to make the later selection easier. For example, the hardness of the granite is large, and the hammer crusher will have severe wear and tear when crushed by the hammer head, and it can be considered directly by jaw crusher or cone crusher.

Expected finished product

- Total output: Generally, it means how many tons of stone per hour is crushing. If the annual or monthly output is used as the standard, it is required to determine the annual working day and daily operation time to determine the workload each hour, that is the expected production efficiency.

- Gradation requirements: generally have 0 ~ 5mm, 5 ~ 15mm, 15 ~ 25mm, 25 ~ 40mm and other specifications. According to the construction needs of the project, determine the engineering quantity of various graded aggregates, and select the required screen type, pore size and mesh forms, such as steel screen or resin sieve, square hole or round hole.

- Granular type: It is required to determine the acicular and flaky percentage content allowed by various specifications according to the requirements of construction specifications.

    - Installation site

    - Site topography: Selecting a site with a certain slope to install crushing and screening equipment is conducive to reducing the amount of earthwork. When selecting equipment, the focus is on the natural drop height of the feed floor and equipment installation floor, as well as the shape and floor space of the equipment installation floor.

    - Site area: The site area is generally determined by equipment installation land, feeding and discharge port location, access to the site and on-site transportation and transportation, product storage methods, product specifications and storage, generator room, warehouse, living facilities, the guard room, and other factors.

    - Equipment quality

    The quality of the crusher not only affects the production plan of the enterprise but also affects the service life of the equipment. Although the quality of the equipment is relatively high in the early stage, however, the latter operation is stable, the maintenance probability is low, and the overall project cost can be reduced.

      - Choice of manufacturers

      Generally speaking, large-scale direct-selling manufacturers have complete models of crushers, mature production processes, and reasonable control of equipment manufacturing costs. Therefore, the quotation system will be more perfect. In addition, these manufacturers will pay more attention to credit and after-sales service. In this respect, HXJQ( is the popular reference manufacturer, the brand of the manufacturer has made a considerable influence, and all aspects of the system are relatively perfect and have been trusted by customers.

        - Perfect after-sales service

        After-sales service includes maintenance, spare parts supply, professional technical training, technical testing and so on.

        - Maintenance: This refers to the accessibility of maintenance, the interchangeability of spare parts and the error-proof design for maintenance. It is realized by scientific and reasonable design and good processing technology. In the process of project construction, in order to improve the utilization rate of machinery, it is often required that mechanical failures can be handled on-site. This requires that the machinery must be disassembled and assembled easily. The supply of spare parts must be reliable and interchangeable, and there should be special tools for special parts.

        - Supply of parts: The supply of repair parts is not only the supply of spare parts but also the difficulty of obtaining repair parts in addition to the after-sales service.

        Failure of the crusher is inevitable. If the manufacturer does not sell in time, it means that the downtime is long, which will directly affect the production capacity of the production line, thereby reducing the economic benefits of the customer.

          - Environmental requirements

          That is to say, the degree of environmental pollution, it here is also general, referring to the degree of influence of equipment installation and operation on the surrounding environment, mainly reflected in two aspects, namely dust and noise. All along, the environment has always been the focus of the state and the government. Only by constantly innovating technology and strictly controlling the mining equipment that controls environmental standards can stand out and better serve the project.

           At present, most projects in the selection of crushing and screening systems generally focus on a limited number of factors such as equipment cost, production efficiency and aggregate specification requirements, and other factors should also be fully considered to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

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