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How to Stay on Track when Marketing an Insurance Agency

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Updated 1:50 PM CDT, Fri, May 04,2018

Newtown Square, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2018 -- Effective and successful insurance marketing can prove to be difficult for many agents. However, it does not have to be so.

To build a thriving insurance sales agency insurance agents need to learn and understand that even though selling insurance can be lucrative, it is not an industry where results are instant. Often, to get results an agent has to work on developing both their marketing strategy and interpersonal skills.

"If you're going into the insurance business, what is your mindset? Are you ready to just jump in and achieve your goals? Do you know what your goals are? Are you willing to learn while you earn? Work hard? Chase leads and follow them up?" asked Clelland Green, RHU, CEO "If you do not have the mindset of an entrepreneur, the going can get tough."

Another tip for an insurance agent is having confidence in e-commerce. Have confidence in the product you are selling, the process and the skills needed to sell, the end result, and the customer service you provide. Without confidence in the product you sell, how can potential customers be converted to buying customers?

"And that leads me to another tip," added Green. "Know your products and your company. Do your homework on the products you sell, know precisely how the products work and what they cover and do not cover. Put another way, be the insurance expert that customers turn to for help to make informed purchases."

Following up leads, choosing the right kinds of leads, doing something every day to move toward growing a financially stable insurance agency means the agent must be consistent and have discipline. An agent must constantly be on top of their products, understand any changes, know how to explain those changes to clients and potential customers.

"One final tip is respect the competition, which may sound odd, but it's important for an insurance agency to not only know the competition, but respect them. You never know when there may come a time when you or they need help," said Green. Being in business and being competitive does not mean disrespecting others who also sell insurance. "These like-minded people may well have tips and tactics that you can learn to enhance your own business and vice versa."

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