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HJIG Chain Strong Team Solve Difficulties of Landing Blockchain Caused by Talent Shortage

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Updated 8:45 PM CDT, Mon, June 11,2018

Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2018 -- HJIG chain is focusing on automotive aftermarket service. Their strong team has been focused on the issue of lacking of talents that restricts the development of the blockchain. HJIG chain owns advantage from its resources of human talents.

Any competition ultimately comes from talent competition, especially for the rapid development of internet technology, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies appear constantly. It reflects the importance of talent. For example, the block chain industry which is quite popular in current days. Talent shortage has been influence the industry development.

In the early 2016, at the beginning of the development of domestic block chain technology, Campbell Harvey, a professor of finance at duke university's fuqua business school in the United States, said that 'block chain leaders are scrambling for top talent in the sector'. The fact exactly prove that the global demand for talents in the block chain industry began to surge in 2015, and there was an explosive growth around 2017. But the cultivation of the education industry is mostly in hindsight,it leads to block chain talent growth speed much faster than the development of the industry, the current block chain talent gap become more and more big all over the world, the whole industry is faced with embarrassing situation.

Every block chain talent is very precious all over the domestic and foreign market, who will occupy the market opportunities if he or she grasp it, such as the HJIG chain which focus on the car after market service , which is relying on a strong talent advantage, it has always been a concern and be the successor in the industry.

HJIG chain is the trusted distributed business ecosystem based on the market application services and digital trading, it is created by a set of block chain in the integration of the global auto industry by international media group, a wholly owned subsidiary in China media network science and technology development co., LTD. It can connect car after market accessories supply chain upstream and downstream through HJIG chain, it provides complete, authentic, safe and transparent vehicle maintenance record distributed books, it provides auto parts positioning and analysis, it also provides auto market after-industry standard process and mode innovation of industry application layer. It provides trading platform driven by the underlying block chain and intelligent contracts for advertising and artificial intelligence.

Liang Tang, the CEO of the Atlas international group and HJIG chain founder, He is a senior professional manager and project investor in China. With his efforts, the group has established a team from all walks of life with rich experience in the field of block chain. It includes Ms. Sedoni, who has more than 20 years' experience as a corporate executive and has won the "top 50 Asian marketing leaders" award. Ms. Yixuan Wu, a master of the department of choreography at Columbia University, a PHD in bioengineering at the university of Illinois and one of the founders of b-poll Valley. Mr Shengqiang Qian, who has 7 years working experience in senior Java development of senior engineer, Mr Xinghua Li, who are the employers in the world 500 strong enterprises. He is also the technical training mentor in silicon valley in the United States Wellpoint insurance company application system development of Oracle.They are all high-end talents in their respective fields. They also have a deep understanding of block chain technology and rich industry experience, playing an important role in the successful operation of HJIG chain.

About HJIG Chain Team
With the management of Tang Liang and the effort of every member of the HJIG chain team, HJIG chain of Atlas international group has strong strength in the market operation and application scenario implementation at its start. HJIG Chain will bring opportunities for solving the current block chain embarrassing situation. It brings more possibilities for the implementation of the "block chain + automotive aftermarket" business model.

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