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Globalization: The Real Truth Behind Fake Danisa

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Updated 7:45 PM CST, Sun, November 04,2018

Danisa butter cookies which were baked and produced outside of Denmark is fake?

Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2018 -- The word "globalization" has gained popularity these days! Globalization has a huge impact to the economy and businesses worldwide, as it allows companies to venture out of their states, beyond borders, and using the Internet as an integrated marketing and cultural tool.

Many famous enterprises like Airbnb, Microsoft, Nike, Zara, H & M, Topshop are starting to look for new opportunities to grow globally, one of the ways is to enter a new market. They enter new markets by selling products abroad. Besides selling products abroad, opportunities to expand the business can be found in the supply chain area. In order to increase productivity and meet massive demand from various parts of the world, many famous enterprises conduct business cooperation by licensing with foreign partners to produce products with quality control that is always supervised under the main company.

Let's look at Nike, for example. This American sports apparel and footwear company takes full control over its design and development, while the manufacturing of their products are done in Asia. By creating manufacturing plans on the other side of the world, Nike is able to cater to the demands from across regions, ensure faster delivery, and ultimately benefit the business.

Another good example is Danisa. Danisa is the world's leading butter cookies that delight consumers in many countries across five continents. Danisa Butter Cookies is made using authentic Danish recipe and fine quality ingredients. Each Danisa butter cookies is supervised, approved and baked by Master Bakers from Danish Specialty Foods (Denmark).

Along with the massive demand for Danisa from many countries, Danisa conducts business cooperation by licensing agreement with PT. Mayora Indah, Tbk to produce and market Danisa worldwide. The production of Danisa butter cookies by PT. Mayora Indah, Tbk is strictly supervised by Danish Specialty Foods to meet the consistent requirement of the original Danish recipe and to ensure that Danisa Butter Cookies hold the same consistent quality globally.

Does this imply that Danisa butter cookies which were baked and produced outside of Denmark is fake? In the age of globalization where it has become common to find brands with products manufactured across the world, the word "fake" has become irrelevant because credible brands will strive to maintain the quality its product even when the production process happens outside of their home countries.

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