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French Well-Established Cosmetics Firm Has Been Bought by a Turkish Businessman

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Updated 10:43 AM CST, Tue, January 07,2020

Turkish businessman Adnan Ertürk bought the Romano Style brand, one of the well-established firms of France, the motherland of the cosmetics sector. Founded in France in Grasse town in 1881 and serving as the reference laboratory, Romano Style will now make production in Turkey and export to many countries.

Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2020 -- The cosmetics industry, which appeals to billions of people, is one of the locomotives of the economy. The turnover volume of the sector is expected to exceed 650 billion dollars in 2020. A significant development has occurred in cosmetics sector, which is one of the most competitive sectors. France, which is considered as the homeland of cosmetics sector, has lost one of its well-established firms to Turkey. Turkish businessman Adnan Ertürk bought the 138-year-old French cosmetics giant Romano Style 1881. Ertürk will now export cosmetics and perfumery from Turkey to all around the world under the brand Romano Style.

Romano Style 1881 is preparing to have a big breakthrough by attending the Perfume Innovation Summit in Paris in November 2020 as well.

The majority of global premium sales in cosmetics center upon developed markets (Europe, USA, Japan and France). Also, BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are growing fast in the cosmetics market. Turkey is one of the countries where the cosmetics market grows rapidly. Considering that Turkey has prominently a young population, businessman Adnan Ertürk has made a running entrance into the sector by buying the well-established firm of France.

France, which is on the position of the market's biggest exporter, took the biggest share of this import of Turkey. Now that the businessman Adnan Ertürk has bought Romano Style, Turkey is expected to promptly direct its way from the importer position to the exporter in cosmetics.

Romano Style formulas 1881 are available in different options for all skin types. It is confirmed with 100% vegan certificate that it does not conduct animal experiments and does not use any animal substances in its products.


The company, which started production under the Romano Style 1881 brand, will be available to consumers initially with 138 products. RS 1881 will reach the customer through online sales points and a network of overseas distributors.

China, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Iraq and Uzbekistan became the first countries given distributorship.


Founded in 1881 as a reference laboratory by Moli Franard in Grasse, the southern French town, Romano Style 1881 produced essence for many years. RS 1881, which made a name for itself in a short time, produced herbal essence dermo cosmetics under the management of his daughter Katerina after the death of Moli Franard. For Romano Style, which produced raw materials for cosmetic companies, this process continued until 2018 in the following period.

Imparted to Turkey after being bought by Turkish businessman Adnan Ertürk in 2018, Romano Style 1881is now on a new journey. Bringing 138 years of brand tradition with modern technologies, Ertürk aims to bring a new perspective to the cosmetics sector.

RS 1881, starting out by analyzing the needs of the cosmetics sector, besides the naive scents it brings with glass bottles, also created a special collection for hair, skin and body care. RS 1881, which completed the new product tests in two years' time, obtained the required permission and reference documents from international organizations and Turkish authorities.

Product approvals were obtained from Mérieux NutriSciences, a world-renowned testing and laboratory company. Mérieux NutriSciences, founded by Marcel Merieux, who has conducted scientific researches with famous French scientist Louis Pasteur, has been serving in many countries around the world. T.R. Ministry of Health has also given the necessary permissions. RS 1881, which has a vegetarian product certificate, has also been approved by the World Dermatology Institute for newly developed products.

RS 1881, which keeps the aesthetic concern at the highest level in addition to product quality and naturalness, is offered for sale in glass bottles specially produced for each product. RS 1881, which also creates a special store concept, will grow with the franchising model in the coming period.


Adnan Ertürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Romano Style 1881, underlined that they combine modern vision with more than a century of experience. Ertürk said, "We are pleased to bring France's well-established cosmetic company to the Turkish economy. While Turkish companies are generally bought by international companies, we have taken a step that reverses this process. We have combined our vision and experience with an important brand which is known for its unique product range and acts as a reference for the cosmetic sector. Our goal is to provide the most natural cosmetic products to our customers by using advanced technologies with an approach based on human health."


Stating that he has great trust in the Turkish economy and continues make investments with this perspective, Turkish Businessman Ertürk said, "Romano Style 1881 formulas have options for all skin types. It is confirmed with our 100% vegan certificate that we do not conduct animal experiments and do not use any animal substances in our products. We are pleased to bring a brand-new perspective to the cosmetics sector by bringing together 138 years of brand tradition with technology."

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