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Empire Resume Discusses 5 Reasons Applicants Don't Get Interviews

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Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Tue, July 03,2018

Ogden, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2018 -- Empire Resume Career Services talks to their customers about some of the most common reasons why resume submissions do not lead to interviews.

According to recruiter surveys, five causes stand out vis-a-vis the rejection of job applications. The first cause listed is that frequently, resumes are not being optimized for ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems. ATS operates by having the descriptions for job postings linked to a list of relevant keywords, which are researched and put together by recruiters. A full 90% of Fortune 500 Companies utilize ATS; only applicants whose resumes hit high scores on the ATS are granted interviews. It can be essential to optimize a resume for keywords and to integrate and contextualize the keywords properly.

According to Empire Resume, there is a high level of importance of having a well-developed resume and LinkedIn profile. The average recruiter will not look at a resume for more than six seconds, making it vital for those seconds to count. Empire Resume recommends highlighting one's achievements and the value one has provided in previous jobs, rather than just describing one's experience. Further, 95% of recruiters go on LinkedIn, and having a well-put-together profile can go far in helping to secure an interview.

The company also advises sending a personalized cover letter. Many recruiters report discarding resume submissions that do not come with cover letters, and a cover letter that is personalized to the company being applied to can go a long way, as can personally addressing the letter to the hiring manager. Another common mistake is to only search for jobs using job boards, rather than utilizing more powerful networking tools such as LinkedIn and connecting with executive recruiters.

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