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EFI CEO Igor in Interview

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Updated 8:00 PM CDT, Wed, June 27,2018

Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2018 -- Beijing Zhao Hua is a cultural communication company whose mission is to assist organizations and companies with their brand strategies and public relation implementation. The company provides professional services , such as promotion strategy, event planning, E-marketing and new media marketing.

As chief executive of EFI, Igor guide to establish the company's global strategy, the strategic guidance, the company relies on its award-winning extensible, digital products to complete the transition from analog to digital image. Guy has been paying attention to the development of the global family business, he made several important measures include increasing the market penetration of EFI, increase the company product range, and promote new services, promote the global demand for digital printing.

Guy joined the EFI in 1995 and held various management and engineering positions before being appointed CEO of EFI in January 2000. He pioneered the first set of EFI printing workflow software, which USES the company's color printing technology. He has also led efvui through a number of acquisitions, including the acquisition of tek, the world's leading digital inkjet printing company.

Guy as EFI Fiery server division vice President and general manager, led his team to expand the server product line, now all Fiery servers able to handle more than 4000 pages per minute color variable data, become the fastest digital print server.


Vision Asia (VA) : EFI is known for acquisitions and seems to buy software companies every few months. Does that suggest a broader plan?

Igor: in general, with regard to acquisitions, our overall strategy is to improve process efficiency, reduce waste, and make us more competitive in the printing industry.

We work in the industrial printing and process applications market leading position, in order to defend the position, we will be 15-20% of income to invest in research and development projects, and technology (especially the MIS) by adding a bid for filling, so the EFI quickening the speed of innovation. Indeed, last year EFI grew mainly well, not because of acquisitions. That's part of what we're doing, achieving healthy growth, and then adding people and technology.

If you stagnate, will only leave many things, so we keep our innovation advantage of a company is the best way to purchase MIS, and for us to purchase the company's employees to provide the tools that they need to increase our business. At present, we have about 300 engineers working in MIS, while only 10 of our closest competitors are.

Of course, every client has his own requirements. Sometimes they do not want to change their own software, so we need to pay attention to every part of the printing process, we have a different type of MIS, for packaging, and be not used in conventional commercial printing. When you to a German or Japanese or Chinese or Singapore or Spain printer sales, no two are the same - be regulation is different, we have to understand the local market.

VA: a perennial question is whether the company plans to introduce any new or innovative technology in the next 12 months?

Igor: if you go to Connect, you'll see! We've decided to make a low-cost mini VUTEk device. The demand is really strong. The price is less than half the cost of entering the industry, and it is based on leds. When we came up with this idea, the speed and success of our success far exceeded our expectations.

Decoration is a huge market. We can personalize a lot of things, and personalized decorations are a huge opportunity. Inkjet printers can print on many materials. Previously, we had Google's logo on the conference table. You can print on wood, glass, metal, whatever you want.

When I visited the printers, they told me that one day their business would disappear, so we had to move into new areas. The window of opportunity is shifting, and these shifts are exciting because they are generating better profits and growth. If people can get what they want, they will spend more money on personalized printing rather than mass producing 100. So people are more willing to customize.

We've seen the inkjet market grow at an annual rate of nearly 20 percent over the last four years because their business is growing.

VA: an interesting part of your device line is Cretaprint - is it for all countries or just Europe or the United States?

Igor: Cretaprint is part of our inkjet business. It's a great technology that allows you to put pictures on materials without touching them. Its exports are for all countries. Amazingly, one of the great achievements of inkjet and ceramics is the ability to model the print of wood patterns.

China has 40% of the world's manufacturing capacity and we are one of the largest inkjet suppliers in the industry, which is why we have installed more than 100 Cretaprint tile printers in China. Similar equipment has been installed in Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Southeast Asia has always been good for us.

About Igor and EFI
Igor mentioned many people pay "patent trolls" who have established an industry because there is no downside to prosecuting -people always get money from it. This is still a bad industry in the United States. Igor hopes his EFI team can solve this problem, because nobody should make money by meaninglessly suing somebody else.

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