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DJCRE Property Management Provides a Comprehensive Online System for Rent Collection

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Updated 8:45 AM CST, Fri, March 02,2018

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2018 -- Property owners who are still using a pencil-and-paper system of rent collection are likely losing money. DJCRE Property Management, a leading Philly property management company, uses an online rent collection system that helps rental property owners to see more of their money faster and decrease instances of missed and late payments.

Even in the most in-demand of locations, many landlords struggle to turn a profit on their rental properties. This is because that the majority of property owners are simply too lenient with their rent payments to effectively manage their time and energy when collecting money. Instead of endlessly chasing down tenants and begging them to pay their bills, DJCRE Property Management has installed a new system that saves everyone stress and time.

Their online tenant portal offers renters a quick and convenient system that allows for cohesion between property owners, managers, and tenants. When tenants can pay their bills at any time of day or night, instances of missed payments and lost rent decrease, and property owners can get their money without the hassle of a traditional paper system.

Property owners who are still using an outdated system of rent collection are encouraged to take steps to improve their profitability today by calling DJCRE Property Management at 215-720-1097 or visiting them online at

DJCRE Property Management's website has a wealth of information for both renters and property owners, so there's no excuse not to contact this local property management company in Philadelphia now and get started on the path to a better rental situation.

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DJCRE has specialized in Philadelphia property management and homeowner's insurance for over 40 years. The company offers experience, expertise, and professionalism when handling mediation between renters, homeowners, and third party contractors. Their executives' background includes finance, building, real estate, and insurance.

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