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Digital Oil Flow Meters from Industry's Leading Flow Meter Manufacturer

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Updated 7:45 PM CST, Sun, January 26,2020

Silver Automation Instrument Now Supplying High Quality Flow Meters at Competitive Prices in China

Jinhu, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2020 -- Silver Automation Instruments, the pioneers in industrial process instrumentations are pleased to present their range of oil flow meters at competitive prices. The food & beverage industry and the Oil & Gas industry are constantly dealing with liquid day in and day out; whether it is hot oil/ vegetable oil/ edible oil by the F&B industry or diesel/ petrol/ crude oil/ fuel/ gasoline by the O&G industry. The oil either needs to be measured at different processes for direct usage or transportation.

Silver Automation Instruments, reputed flow meter manufacturer offers oil flow meters for different purposes. Below are some of the oil flow meters currently used by the industries: Mechanical Oil Flow Meters / Digital Oil Flow Meters with Flow Transmitter; In-Line Type Oil Sensor/ Non-Invasive Type Flow Sensor; High Viscosity Oil Flow Meter/ Normal Viscosity Oil Flow Meter; Stainless Steel/ Cast Iron/ Steel Material Oil Flow Meter; Volumetric Oil Flow Measurement/ Mass Flow Oil; High Temperature Oil/ Normal Operation Temperature.

Silver Automation Instruments supplies different types of oil flow meters which includes oval gear flow meter for oil measurement, liquid turbine flow meter, coriolis mass flow meters, and various digital oil flow meters for palm oil, soy bean oil, etc. Selecting the most important meter is very important and it is often confusing because the industry offers thousands of choices. However, the best way to shortlist is to choose branded ones and that which are manufactured by the industry leaders.

One has to choose the right one especially those which are used for data collection. A wrong product can result in loss of money and waste of production time. The flow meters from Silver Automation are a one-time investment. They help customers save on maintenance costs as these products are made with highest industry standards. The flow meters can be gauged on their accuracy, turndown ratio, repeatability, hygiene and cost. On the other hand, the physical properties of the meters also play an important role: the configuration of pipe, size of the pipe, material used, the angle and above all environment sustainability. While choosing a digital oil flow meter for particular application the fluid components should be considered. Type of fluid, density, temperature, pressure, velocity, contaminants if any, flow range, flow consistency and the material's corrosive nature also must be considered before choosing the meter.

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About Silver Instruments
Silver Automation Instruments based at Jiangsu Province, China is a company that manufactures and distributes products such as flow measurements, temperature measurements, level measurements, panel meters & paperless recorders for application in agriculture irrigation, industrial water & wastewater, factory process control, oil & gas, electric power generation and other industries.

The company also aims at improving and growing their instrumentation technology that can deliver optimum performance. They have been serving the most reliable and high quality measuring equipment in the country at competitive prices. Silver Automation also offers custom OEM orders for various instrumentation factories. They also have obtained several patent certificates with regards to process instrumentations.

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