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Connecting Hearts Home Studies for Adoption

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Updated 9:00 AM CDT, Wed, March 21,2018

Connecting Hearts home studies for adoption is offering a free checklist of documentation needed for the home visit.

Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2018 -- Connecting Hearts which specializes in home studies for adoption throughout Florida, offers visitors a Welcome/Instructions list which is available for download or print on their site for free. The list covers everything from fee schedule, what documentation needs to be acquired prior to the adoption home study, where to get the documentation from and more . It also helps aspiring parents to keep track of everything they need, and how much time they have to prepare for their domestic adoption home study.

"The amount of information you have to gather for an adoption home study may seem overwhelming but it's actually not considering how much time you have to prepare. We wanted to help aspiring parents, whether they were our clients or not, have an easier time of understanding exactly what was needed for the domestic adoption home study. Keep in mind, it's not just about what you need, it's where you need to get the information from. That's another topic we cover in this list." Connecting Hearts Representative

Along with this list, the company also offers online support and a place for aspiring parents to gather reliable information about home studies for adoption as well as what to expect from the entire process. This helps to eliminate confusion, speculation and ensure that each visitor has a reliable place to go for assistance.

"Groups and chat rooms are a great place to go for information and to help get an understanding of what to expect. However, what we often find in there is a lot of people are not putting up the right information or enough of the information that should be covered. For example, someone tells you that you need five reference letters and only one of them can be from a family member. That's correct but what they forgot to tell you, possible because they didn't know, was that if you've been employed in a place where you worked with children in the past five years, one of those letters must come from the employer at that job."

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About Connecting Hearts Adoption Home Study
Connecting Hearts Adoption Home Study was founded by Amy Imber in 2008. Amy has over 20 years of experience in the field and has put together an experienced team to assist clients throughout the process and ensure that they get the right information as they begin their journey of extending their family. If you have any questions or wish to get started, feel free to visit us today.

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