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Compassion and Comfort Offers Hoarding Help in the Seattle-Tacoma Area

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Updated 11:30 AM CDT, Wed, June 07,2017

Marysville, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2017 -- The identification of the concept of "hoarding" as a personal proclivity that can have negative circumstances is a relatively new phenomenon. However, it is logical to assume that there have always been people who find it hard to get rid of things that really have no value. When an overwhelming accumulation of items starts to consume a living space, there are two problems. One of them is the psychological inability to let go, and the other one is the overwhelming physical task at hand. Fortunately, holistic hoarding help is now available in many areas.

A Western Washington company has set the standard that others must aspire to when it comes to hoarding help. They recognized the fact that this type of assistance is needed by many people you who don't know where to find it. The founder of this company, Compassion and Comfort Cleaning, is an inspiring woman named Theresa Borst. She founded her Seattle-Tacoma hoarding help company years ago, and her organization has been able to gain a foothold as the premier company of its kind in Washington.

Hoarding help is very different from typical cleaning on multiple levels. The sheer volume of the items that must be moved is part of the equation, and heavy cleaning is often necessary when spaces are finally accessible after many years. Plus, the items must be carefully sorted, because there can be things of value mixed in among items that should be removed. They also must be carefully segmented, because different items will be hauled off to various different facilities.

There is another type of hoarding help that Compassion and Comfort Cleaning can provide for their clients. Sometimes a person will take the first step, or family members will encourage a loved one to engage hoarding help. At the same time, the root cause of the problem may not be extinguished. CCCC can connect clients with counseling resources, and this is an invaluable part of their hoarding help service.

About Compassion and Comfort Cleaning
Compassion and Comfort Cleaning is a hoarding help resource for Seattle-Tacoma residents and the surrounding communities of Renton, Everett, and Bellevue.

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