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Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles Is Working Towards Improving Their Services Based on Customers Feedback

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Updated 11:15 AM CDT, Mon, July 16,2018

Windsor Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2018 -- Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles been thriving to improve the quality of their services and based on clients' feedbacks the majority are looking to reduce cleaning time in cases where it's possible. The company came up with a new method which does this through a process of cleaning which is not dry, but with their equipment which is designed to spray a cleaning solution lightly onto the carpet. This solution is designed to attract deposits and dirt found in your carpet. Once the solution is soaked into the carpet, the oscillating part of the cleaning equipment is activated to remove all the dirt and debris without vacuuming. After the cleaning, the company promises a quick drying time, between one to a few hours only.

"No one likes the smell of a damp carpet, not to mention the danger of mildew forming, " said the marketing consultant in charge of carpet cleaning. "At Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles, we understand that for proper customer satisfaction, we must be able to not only clean their carpet, but to dry it in as short a time as possible. This is why we have invested in the latest technology in carpet drying to produce the best results for customer satisfaction."

The marketing consultant went ahead to explain how their new carpet cleaning and drying technology works. The cleansing system uses a solution which attracts dirt and any sediments and deposits before the oscillating brush cleans it up. The drying mechanism kicks in as soon as the equipment senses that the carpet is free from all dirt and debris. They promise to dry carpets anywhere from one hour to only a few hours. The company is confident that they have halved the amount of time it had taken previously to dry carpets.

With this new technology to ensure that carpets dry in roughly half the time they used to, Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles have definitely revolutionized the carpet cleaning market. If you have any enquiries for the company, you can log onto their website for more information.

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