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Canadian Consumer Panels Explains the Importance of in Home Usage Testing (IHUT)

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Updated 1:54 PM CST, Wed, December 09,2015

Canadian Consumer Panels mission is to add value to market research firms by helping them to understand what consumers think of their client’s products. The IHUT service they provide has become one of the most recommended services to help products become a consumer success.

Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2015 -- Canadian Consumer Panels, one of the most recommended consulting firms that specialize in product testing and product development work has launched a campaign to help consumers understand the importance of In Home Usage Testing (IHUT).

Each month new products are introduced to the marketplace, especially during holiday periods. However, many consumers will not know the process that a new successful product goes through before hitting the shelves. Canadian Consumer Panels, who help market research companies make their clients products a success has decided to reveal all. With their help it allows consumers to understand why some products are a success and some fail.

In Home Usage Testing, is what helps products become a success. It is a cost effective way to find out what consumers really think of a new product that is about to hit the market. It allows consumers to test the product in a real home environment instead of a professional testing environment. The honest feedback is given to the market research company, or development company, so they can collect all the feedback and decide if any changes need making to the product or the marketing campaign.

IHUT can help achieve the following

- Learn how consumers interact with the product in a natural environment.
- Collect consumer feedback about the product as it's used.
- Find out how popular the product is.
- Allows a company to find out if any changes need making to the product
- Discover new uses for the product.

A spokesman for Canadian Consumer Panels said: "IHUT is a very important process that gives market research companies independent feedback."

Through the process of IHUT, it allows market research companies and product development companies to avoid expensive mistakes. By receiving real consumer feedback, changes can be made to the product and the marketing, helping to save marketing and product development companies a great deal of money.

The products that do not go through the process of IHUT are the ones that are more likely to fail. By not allowing consumers to test the product and give honest feedback, it can result in the company behind the product not knowing if it will be user-friendly and if consumers will use it without any further product development. It also makes it harder for marketing companies to launch a success campaign to increase sales and make it a best seller.

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