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Canada Ims, Providing a Lasting Solution for Immigration

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Updated 10:35 AM CDT, Mon, August 05,2019

Canada IMS Offers All Types Of Visa, Permanent Resident and Other Canadian Immigration Services

Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2019 -- Canada IMS is a professional Canadian immigration consultancy, the fastest growing and a subsidiary of Indigo LTD. They assist immigrants to acquire Visitor Visa, Work Visa, Study Visa, Permanent Resident, and other Canadian immigration services. Bringing in a vast diversity of people from all over the world, Canada IMS is an immigration firm with a solid track record. From students to highly skilled professional types, they do their best to bring qualified candidates to Canada. Their aims and objectives are to help thousands of immigrants that need to prepare and submit their applications for obtaining IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). In addition, the company aims to make filling out the IRCC application form as simple and stress-free as possible, while ensuring accuracy. The company's plans are in various forms which are basic, standard, gold, VIP and business premium program which brings opportunity to the people of the grass root.

The country is currently in need of more skilled professionals, which is why the Canadian immigration system is so popular, and immigrants are considered valuable prospects in society. Therefore, hardworking individuals are rewarded for relocating by inviting them to apply for Permanent Canadian Residence. Similar to the U.S. Green Card, the Canadian Permanent Resident card offers holders the ability to live in any location in Canada and find work. Furthermore, it's a step towards full Canadian citizenship.

Another immigration opportunity they offer is the Provincial Nominee Programs run by individual Provinces and each has its own requirements. By 2020 there will be 183,000 additional people settled in Canada through the use of the Canada IMS programs.

Canada has plans to start accepting as many as 265,500 family members to Canadian citizens, including permanent residents. This refers to dependent children (up to age 22), common-law partners, spouses, grandparents, and parents. Meanwhile, if family members live in Canada who has Canadian citizenship or a Permanent Resident card, there is a special immigration program done by Canada IMS with flexible requirements that makes things so easy.

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) offers the new Express Entry program that manages various immigration applications which work in favor of Canada IMS. Including the Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Canadian Experience Class programs. Unlike some other programs that can take an average of 12 months to 18 months. Canada IMS Express Entry program can be processed in less than six months from application to receiving a Canadian Permanent Residence visa.

Their Express Entry offers a unique feature as Canadian employers can search the database. The system asks applicants to create a profile which is entered into the official job bank database. This allows applicants to be discovered by employers looking for suitable candidates with specific job skills to recruit those seeking to immigrate into Canada.

In the event that an applicant is offered a job position directly by a Canadian employer, such applicant will have a higher ranking. That will increase the opportunity to receive an invitation for permanent residence. Therefore, Canadian employers indirectly sponsor applicants while having the ability to expedite the process.

Furthermore, if an employer wants an applicant quicker than expected, they can submit for a dual intent worker permit for the individual, sponsoring an applicant Permanent Canadian Residence application. However, an applicant must complete a Labor Market Impact Assessment for an employer to sponsor permanent residence. Even if the employer is not trying to get the applicant relocated quicker through a Canadian Work Permit.

Canada IMS helps its clients to acquire a permanent resident card. It is an official proof of status after applying for the Canadian permanent residence (and its approval). It is a plastic card that fits inside a wallet that allows a person who has it to re-enter Canada as many times as he/she wants. To re-enter through Canadian entries, the person must present this card. The permanent resident card must be renewed on a 5-year basis. In order to manage and maintain the status of permanent resident, the person has to reside in Canada over 730-days within every five years physically. Also, he/she can accumulate these days either spread out or consistently over the five years by his/her convenience.

Canada IMS assist their clients by providing a high success rate for all in the express entry program. They help in creating the best profile possible to increase immigrants' chance of being accepted. Having a good profile can help connect immigrants' to Canadian employers searching for workers through the Canadian government database.

Canada IMS professionals work with their clients to develop two profiles that will support the client Canadian Permanent Resident application. The first profile they create is for submitting to the official Job Bank database, allowing Canadian employers to locate immigrants. The second profile is created for submitting to the Express Entry database, ranking their clients against others applying for Canadian immigration with equal skills and qualifications.

Canada IMS hire professional Canadian Employment Advisor to carefully manage their clients' cover letter and resume to ensure they are up to employment standards in Canada. Thus, maximizing immigrants' rate of being placed with a Canadian employer. Additionally, they assist their clients in creating a social media presence to increase appeal to employers. In the event a Canadian employer offers an interview, the advisor can assist Canada IMS applicants in preparing with a test interview that copies the typical questions of a Canadian job interview. Finally, if the applicants are offered the job position, Canada IMS will assist the client and provide support through the labor market impact assessment that is required, and help them obtain a Canadian Work Permit.

Canada IMS has a team of legal professionals and attorneys that assist applicants with ensuring work experience is categorized and claimed correctly based on the NOC code. Also, the applicant will be advised on collecting educational credentials for evaluation. This makes sure their clients obtain the highest possible CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) based on their training and education.

Canada IMS helps its clients through the Canadian Immigration process with a team of skilled immigration professionals and attorneys from start to settlement. They offer personal consultations to provide resources and advice for successfully adjusting once relocated to Canada. Besides, they assist in preparing their clients on how to locate accommodations, banking, and accessing public services, among other topics, to ensure a smooth transition to the new life in Canada.

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