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Calder Associates Shares Its Insights Into Selling Businesses

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Mon, October 09,2017

Tinton Falls, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2017 -- Susan Rosner, Managing Partner of Calder Associates, recently shared her insights into gauging a business owner's ability to sell. In her article, Susan explores the two central questions that are asked of every prospective client—including readiness to sell and realistic selling price. Calder Associates does not accept every business that wants to sell. They only present proposals to those businesses that have a high probability of success. Calder Associates prides itself on the fact that they focus on selling businesses and not just listing them. Harnessing their years of professional and practical experiences, they have steered hundreds of clients into lucrative deals, ensuring gains for all parties involved.

Before signing an agreement with a client, Calder Associates conducts an in-depth analysis of the business, its industry, and market. Assuming that a business has potential to sell, the Merger and Acquisitions firm then determines if their client is ready to sell, and is realistic about selling price. As Susan explains, business owners have a tendency to overvalue how much their business is currently worth. They focus on the years of effort that they have invested in their business, instead of current financial results.

Clients who are unwilling to accept the valuation of their businesses can continue to run their business hoping that their dream deal will come along. Other business owners, with significant assets, will consider liquidation. Calder Associates suggests that the business owner weigh these alternatives and understand their consequences. If an owner continues to run the business, they should be ready to do what is necessary to grow, take calculated risks, and to embrace today's technology. Most importantly, they need to consider the impact of their decision on loyal employees and customers.

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Susan Rosner's article may also be found here on LinkedIn.

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Calder Associates is a middle market mergers and acquisitions, intermediary and business brokerage firm. They specialize in Privately Held Businesses with revenues of $2M to $50M. They have extensive experience in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service related businesses. Their US offices are located in NJ, PA, and the Washington DC Metro Area. Calder Associates also has affiliates in Australia and Asia.

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