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Businesses Risk Losing Customers and Leads by Not Displaying a PrivacyTrusted Seal Online

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Updated 1:20 PM CDT, Wed, March 18,2015

Millions of businesses lose customers and leads daily from their website are unaware this could be due to not displaying a PrivacyTrusted™ Seal.

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2015 -- Consumers are more concerned now than ever before on what happens to their personal information. Before consumers were made aware of the increase of fraudulent activity, Internet users had no problem filling in online forms and sharing their personal information. However, that has all changed and consumer feel uncomfortable filling in forms and sharing information due to the lack of trust.

This lack of trust is causing online and traditional brick and mortar businesses to lose potential customers and a great deal of revenue. When a consumer visits a site and are requested to fill in a form, they want to be assured their information is safeguarded and not shared with a third party. That is where the PrivacyTrusted™ Privacy Verified Seal comes in.

Privacy and what happens with their personal information is on the mind of virtually all consumers. Every day, it seems another data breach of one kind or another – credit cards, health information, social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers – is being reported in the news. Along with data breaches, consumers are very concerned about what happens to the data they provide websites, not wanting it to be sold to a third party.

While most business owners assume the trust issue is purely something large merchants or online sellers need to concern themselves with, it is something that affects all businesses.

In a recent study, consumers are considerably more likely to do business with businesses they trust. Additionally, it has been shown that when consumers see websites with online privacy verified and trust verified seals, it increases trust by validating that an independent 3rd party has verified how the business handles their private information.

Many businesses don't realize that even if they are not selling online, collecting personally identifiable information on their website can subject them to state and federal laws that their business must be in compliance. It creates the need for a privacy policy for their business and circumstances, as well as opt-out procedures.

PrivacyTrusted™ helps businesses of all size ensure they're always in compliance, and this helps build trust with consumers. By guiding a business through the simple process and providing attorney-reviewed privacy policies customized for their business, trust can be achieved.

Before a business can gain a privacy or trust seal they have to go through a number of important steps. They need to establish important privacy processes, verifying details about their business and ensuring these policies and procedures are integrated into their site. By completing these steps and not before, they will receive a privacy seal or through additional steps and security checks a trust seal.

PrivacyTrusted™ provides the best value in the Internet privacy and trust verification industry, backed by a 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Both the Privacy Verified and Trust Verified offerings feature affordable solutions for any business with featured-packed, quality service where costs for these services by competitors can vary wildly. Additionally, PrivacyTrusted™ also provides 100% USA-based service and support.

More information about PrivacyTrusted™ can be found by visiting or via phone toll-free at 888.348.7322.

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