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Brennan and Company CPA, PC Offers Information and Advice for Tax Audits

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Updated 10:22 AM CST, Fri, February 01,2019

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2019 -- Being one of the top-rated providers of bookkeeping services in Philadelphia isn't just about providing clients with expert and professional services—it's also about being a resource of information, knowledge, and advice as well. And that's precisely why Brennan and Company CPA, PC is renowned for the superior level of customer service they provide each and every client. Now, the company is offering education on tax audits and what to do if an individual has been selected to undergo the process.

While audits are relatively rare, with only 1% of Americans each year being audited, they can and do occur. Candidates can be chosen for an IRS audit for several reasons, including errors or inconsistencies while reporting on tax forms, red flags like above average holding, high deductions relative to income, or even by random selection.

Contrary to the popular images of IRS agents knocking on doors and going through an individual's personal information and documents, many audits are done through the mail, which are known as correspondence audits. Here, the IRS will simply request more data about a specific portion of a tax return. Other types of audits include in-office audits, field audits, and taxpayer compliance measurement audits.

If an individual has been audited, Brennan and Company CPA, PC advises that all deadlines for sending documents to the IRS should be closely adhered to. Additionally, one should never send their original or only copy of a receipt or other critical financial document, nor should they supply the IRS with more information than they are requesting.

Any individuals who have been audited or have more questions about this process, or who need monthly bookkeeping services in Philadelphia should contact Brennan and Company CPA, PC at 215-951-5585 or visit today.

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