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BipCot NoGov License: Alternative to Copyright

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Updated 9:16 AM CST, Wed, January 03,2018

Casper, WY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2018 -- The BipCot NoGov license can replace copyright, patent, or trademark without the need for any government involvement.

This license is free for any non-governmental person or entity to use on any software, music, films, books, websites, other media, services, or products.

The BipCot NoGov License threatens no "government guns" for violators. It is not copyright-based, it is entirely shame-based.

This makes it much easier to enforce. It's far more simple, quick and inexpensive to shame someone in public online than to initiate and proceed with a copyright, patent or trademark infringement lawsuit.

The BipCot NoGov License is already used on dozens of media projects, programs, apps, products and services.

This list includes the nationally syndicated radio show Freedom Feens, The Kratom Genome Project (genetic sequencing), and the free app Cell 411.

Cell411 which allows people to call for help from friends who will show up quicker than the police. It has over 100,000 installs.

The BipCot NoGov License adds a removable "mailman exception" or "libertarian indulgences."

i.e. low-level government workers like mailmen and peaceful contractors can use the thing that is licensed.

But police, politicians, many federal agency workers, etc, and anyone who carries a gun, or orders the use of guns, for the government is still forbidden.

Some people say that Creative Commons replaces copyright without government involvement, but it doesn't. Creative Commons actually rides on the back of government-enforced copyright. The BipCot NoGov License actually does work without needing to involve lawyers, courts and judges.

There's more information about The BipCot NoGov License on the website. On the right sidebar is a partial list of the many things that are covered BipCot NoGov:

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