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Auto Glass Fitters Advises Motorists on Safe Ways to Remove Ice from Windshields

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Updated 10:26 AM CST, Thu, February 06,2020

Eynon, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2020 -- Ice-covered windshields can quickly become cracked or chipped windshields during the winter months if drivers don't use proper precautions when clearing off their cars. Auto Glass Fitters, a leading provider of mobile windshield repair in Pittsburgh, PA, and across the nation, offers helpful tips for de-icing windshields without damaging the glass.

Motorists should store their vehicles in a carport or garage during the winter, if possible, to keep the car free from snow, ice, and the effects of cold temperatures and inclement weather. Drivers who must park their cars outdoors can cover their windshields with a tarp or sheet to guard against the buildup of ice overnight.

They can also prevent freezing by pre-treating the glass with a homemade solution of three parts vinegar and one part water. When parking the car for the night, spray this solution on the windshield, then wipe it off.

In the absence of these precautions, drivers should leave ample time before they have to leave in order to clean off their vehicles thoroughly. Starting the car ahead of time to warm it up is an ideal way to thaw or loosen up ice on the windshield.

Drivers should never pour boiling water over a frozen windshield, as the extreme temperature change could cause the glass to shatter. Instead, a sandwich bag filled with lukewarm water can be rubbed on the windshield to help thaw the ice. Drivers also should not use metal objects or sharp-edged odds and ends, such as a credit card or plastic case, to try and chip the ice off the windshield. It's important to keep a plastic ice scraper that is meant for that purpose stored in the vehicle at all times.

Any windshield damage that occurs in the winter months should be addressed immediately. Drivers who find themselves with cracks, chips, or holes in their auto glass can call Auto Glass Fitters for mobile windshield repair in Wilkes Barre, PA, or anywhere from coast to coast. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit the Auto Glass Fitters website and fill out an online contact form today.

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