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Author Says People Have the Power to Cool Global Warming in 2020

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Updated 10:18 AM CST, Thu, January 02,2020

Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2020 -- Author of My Love is One and CEO of SoRichIam Media, LeTicia Lee, says she explained to people in 2017 that they will determine the outcome of climate change but they didn't listen.

Ms. Lee says she knows it's hard to believe, but she has divine conversations with GOD. She says oddly enough, climate change is indeed connected to a "holy war", but it's not the one in Syria or Israel. But it is happening here on earth and it's worldwide.

Lee says God is trying to get our attention. Everything is cause and effect. She says it's just come to a boiling point, literally. However, humanity does get to decide the outcome of climate change.

She says people will either "boil" in their own ignorance or listen to the truth. She says the more people who discover and apply the truth, the faster the climate will cool, but it's a process. Apparently, it's much more than the results of massive carbon emmissions and scientists know they can't stop it at the rate it's going. But people can.

LeTicia Lee says it is a numbers game. And time is of the essence.

Lee likens it to seven billion people sharing one house, earth, and screaming for someone to lower the thermostat but they don't realize they can help control it. She says she is optimistic that people will see it clearly in 2020.

The author and CEO recommends people watch My Love is One TELL THEM! for a complete explanation. She says people can access the video on demand using their Facebook or Gmail account via http://TellThem.Live

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