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Attic Wildlife May Be Part of Expanding Human and Pet Disease Transmission Network

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Updated 9:47 AM CST, Fri, December 28,2018

King George, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2018 -- In Virginia, reports of a new disease-bearing tick species emphasize the importance of controlling wildlife intrusions into human spaces, notes BEDR Wildlife Removal Services of King George. The State Department of Health has reported that serious illness can be carried by these ticks, which have adapted to a variety of hosts and environments in the area, including local wildlife.

The problem of "vector-based" disease transmission has become a major focus as dangerous diseases that can affect humans are carried by animals, insects and even food. Homeowners who have nests of wildlife in their homes may be playing a role in spreading disease, as well as putting themselves at risk.

"Zoonotic" diseases are a particular concern to the Centers for Disease Control as they can infect one species and, when the opportunity presents itself, jump to other species such as humans and infect them as well. Attic nests can provide the opportunity for this transmission of disease to occur, due to the tight spaces occupied by the wildlife and the increased opportunity for them to come into contact with home occupants, including humans and pets.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reports that climate change is presenting more opportunities for transmission of human disease using animal and insect hosts, so this problem is one that communities may face more frequently over time. Homeowners who actively identify wildlife intrusions into their homes and engage a wildlife removal service can avoid inadvertently providing a distribution point for bacteria and viruses that enter the wildlife population in the area.

Residents who are concerned about diseases transmitted by wildlife in their Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland home can contact BEDR Wildlife Removal Services at 703-662-8762 for help in evaluating and dealing with the problem.

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