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Asia Pacific to Dominate the Global Quicklime, Slacked Lime and Hydraulic Lime Market over the Projected Period

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Updated 12:27 PM CDT, Thu, June 06,2019

Quicklime, GlobalSlaked Lime, Globaland Hydraulic Lime Market Report: -New Research Report Announced with business priorities in order to assist companies to realign their business strategies.

Hamburg, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2019 -- Primarily composed of hydroxides and oxides such as calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide, lime is an inorganic mineral that contains calcium. One of the earliest uses of lime is as building mortar. Lime is still used as an engineering and building material today. The burning of minerals and rocks from which lime materials are derived leads to their conversion into highly caustic quicklime. With subsequent addition of water, or the process of slaking of lime, it converts the minerals into less caustic slaked lime. Hydraulic lime can set under water and with exposure to water. Also called water lime, it contains lime with alumina or silica.

The use of quicklime in water softening is expected to set the tone for significant growth of the global quicklime, slaked lime, and hydraulic lime market. According to a press release published in April 2019, the city of Hamilton in Ohio, US is able to save over $300,000 per year and make its utilities more Earth-friendly with the help of a new program that recycles calcium oxide or quicklime used to soften tap water.

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Market Dynamics:

The aggressive rate of urbanization in some parts of the world is prognosticated to create opportunities in the global quicklime, slaked lime, and hydraulic lime market. High number of people migrating to cities or urban areas is increasing the need for more housing, educational, and healthcare facilities. Thus, with the increase in construction activities, the demand in the global market is foreseen to grow handsomely in the coming years. The applications of lime products in wastewater treatment and in the conditioning and refining of non-ferrous metals and metal ores are anticipated to fuel the growth of the global market.

However, the problem of air pollution arising from the burning of lime-based products and the threat of substitutes such as magnesium hydroxide and calcined gypsum are expected to hamper the demand for quicklime, slaked lime, and hydraulic lime.

Market Segmentation:

By End User

? Steel

? Civil Construction

? Agriculture

? Paper and Pulp

? Sugarcane

? Oil

Researchers expect the steel industry to account for a considerable share of the global quicklime, slaked lime, and hydraulic lime market. Quicklime is extensively used as a flux in the purification of steel. Lime flux is effective in the removal of impurities, silica, sulfur, and phosphorous, and also manganese but to a small extent. It finds application in the manufacture of steel products and the secondary refining of steel.

Regionally, Asia Pacific is prophesied to take a substantial share of the global quicklime, slaked lime, and hydraulic lime market due to the increase in building and construction activities. The region is also predicted to show growth on the back of the increasing focus on infrastructure development. Lime is used in important applications such as chemical intermediaries in the region.

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Key Players:

Some of the prominent players of the global quicklime, slaked lime, and hydraulic lime market are Carmeuse, Graymont, Grupo Calidra, Fels-Werke, Lhoist, Nordkalk, Shandong CITIC, Shree Ram Lime, and United States Minerals.

Research Methodology:

This report on the global quicklime, slaked lime, and hydraulic lime market is compiled with the use of high-quality and reliable primary and secondary sources. QY Research has added Porter's Five Forces and SWOT analysis to give a comparative analysis of different segments, leading players, and other important aspects of the global market. It has also offered a comprehensive absolute dollar opportunity analysis of the global market that was conducted with the help of experienced researchers and expert analysts. Furthermore, the report includes useful suggestions and recommendations for players to cement a strong position in the global market.

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