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Updated 11:54 AM CST, Fri, February 22,2019

Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2019 -- Like many thorough marketers in today's digital age, The Radio Agency uses technology tracking to identify visitors to its website. The agency uses data that reports which pages people visit, in order to serve those visitors with more specific information and opportunities that might interest them.

In recent months, more and more national and international advertising agencies have been visiting The Radio Agency website to tap the rich store of knowledge in the agency's Blog section.

One agency accessed a blog called 10 Rules of Radio Sports Advertising. Another explored The Do's and Don'ts of Direct Response Radio. Others wanted to know, Where Do Radio Ratings Come From? and how to kickstart the scripting process with 24 Creative Radio Ideas.

"We were surprised at first," says Mark Lipsky, CEO and Creative Director of The Radio Agency. "Then we were flattered and happy that there's been such a resurgence of interest in radio advertising. The rise of popularity in podcasts, coupled with the impact of streaming, satellite and AM/FM listenership, has made this four-platform approach to audio advertising an efficient, targeted and measurable form of marketing for B2B and B2C companies alike."

That also might explain why more agencies are turning to The Radio Agency to manage their clients' radio campaigns.

"Imagine if you suddenly needed to know the audience ratings for 10,000-plus radio stations – and then had to deal with hundreds of radio sales reps, each proffering their own spin on the numbers," Lipsky suggests. "Now add to those AM/FM 'apples' the 'oranges' of satellite radio, streaming audio and podcasts. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options and the task of sorting out the most reliable options for a campaign."

"If I have a foot problem," he continued, "I'll visit a podiatrist, not an ear-nose-and-throat generalist. Radio is a unique marketing channel. And, by definition, no ad agency has put in more than The Radio Agency's 100 percent focus on radio these past 25 years. It's all we do."

Visit The Radio Agency Blogs to peruse the many learning guides and advertising insights the blogs offer. And contact The Radio Agency to help build and manage the next great radio advertising campaign for your brand or client.

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The Radio Agency is a specialized advertising agency helping businesses of all sizes increase their presence on AM, FM, Satellite, Podcasts and Internet radio outlets. They have extensive connections with radio stations, networks and "Sound Advertising" platforms throughout the radio industry.

The Radio Agency helps clients realize and build true success through their creative endeavors, including services in direct response media, branding and brand development. They also have an extensive blog library with tips and tricks for developing proven radio advertising strategies. Reach them by phone today nationwide at 800-969-2636 or by email at

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